Intex Pool Cleaning Set Deluxe Test & Experiences

With a pool cleaning kit, pool owners have the option to purchase the items needed for pool cleaning in one wash. Nets, brushes, and teats are included in most of these sets.

However, it is always advisable to check again exactly which elements are actually contained in a said set. This article is about the Intex pool cleaning set “Deluxe” and the question is investigated whether the bestseller is a worthwhile purchase.

The company Intex

Intex is a manufacturer that has made it its mission to make pools accessible to a larger audience. If you think of a pool in the home area, external pond pump reviews you usually associate this with a bunch of money that not everyone has at their disposal.

Intex sells pools and accessories in an affordable price range for most interested parties. The products are still of good quality and valuable addition to the home garden feeling.

The Pool Cleaning Set Components (Included)

The pool cleaning set “Deluxe”, is five-part compared to the conventional version and includes the following components, which are briefly introduced.

Leaf Kescher

With a leaf kescher, impurities are fished out of the pool, which can be found on the water surface. This includes not only leaves; because it can also be insects, branches, garbage, etc.

The Deluxe Cleaning Kit includes a leaf jar that can remove the most important contaminants from the pool. The net of the leaf kescher is coarser than the net of related products. Nevertheless, branches, leaves, and Co. can be easily removed from the domestic pool.

Floor nets

With the bottom net, impurities can be specifically removed from the bottom of the pool. This form of the net is chosen in such a way that the nets are a bit more expansive. This benefits the removal of impurities from the pool floor.

The cleaning kit from Intex has a floor net that fulfills its intended purpose. The dirt that is located on the pool floor can be reliably removed.

Telescopic handle

With the telescopic handle, the pool nets and suction cups can only be used sensibly. This handle extension makes it possible to carry out work flexibly from the edge of the pool without having to dislocate too much.

The telescopic handle of the Deluxe cleaning set is long enough with a length of 279 cm for the pool maintenance to be operated efficiently. Since the stem is made of aluminum, it is a good deal lighter than steel – but still very stable in its properties.

Pelvic brush

With the pool brush, the walls and the floor of the domestic pool can be scrubbed off. Various deposits disappear from the pool in this way.

The pool brush, which is included in the Intex cleaning set, reliably reaches the pool at its corners and edges. This ensures clever pool maintenance.

The brush withstands the intended loads, but users should still not handle the product roughly, as too rabid a lead can leave its traces.

Vacuum cleaner

The last part of this specimen of a pool cleaning kit is the vacuum cleaner. With this device, pool owners can clean the floor of the pool as with a regular vacuum cleaner. This requires a filter screen as well as a suction hose.

Both are included in the scope of delivery of the pool cleaning kit. The hose is a good 7.5 meters long and has a diameter of around 32 mm. The vacuum cleaner of the set reliably frees the pool floor from various dirt.

Intex Pool Cleaning Set Deluxe Experiences: What Do Buyers Say About the Cleaning Kit?

In the next part of this comparison, the focus is on the use of the components presented above in the everyday life of a pool owner. The nets were received positively for the most part, as they offer an uncomplicated way to get leaves and other dirt from the domestic pool.

For some buyers, the net of the leaf kescher was a bit too wide – in practice, however, it turned out that the net still fulfills its intended purpose and removes the leaves from the water surface. In general, the vast majority of reviewers were satisfied with the design of the leaf or soil net.

The users particularly liked the good accessibility of the individual corners of the pool by means of the telescopic handle included in the scope of delivery. This has proven itself in everyday pool life.

The aluminum construction is extremely stable and due to the length of 279 cm, it is possible to work efficiently from the edge of the pool. Be it with the net or the brush. Nevertheless, it is advisable to pay attention to a proper posture during pool maintenance.

This prevents back pain. The longest telescopic handle is of little use if you are positioned at the other end in an unfavorable position that strains the back over time. That’s why pool owners should make sure to have a straight back in everyday life.

The basin is tilted forward to counteract the hollow cross and you walk as upright as possible and not huddled. If you take these everyday tips to heart, you can also be positioned a bit “crooked” during pool maintenance, without it immediately coming to weighting in the the pelvic brush?

The buyers of the product were able to carry out the resulting cleaning with the basin brush. The dirt could be brushed by the tiles. Only in the case of very stubborn deposits did it happen that isolated individual bristles broke off.

But that’s not too bad, as the brush as a whole is a stable device for cleaning a pool. With the brush, the shape of the pool corners is easy to reach. The buyers also liked this to the vacuum cleaner?

The vacuum cleaner could reliably suck the dirt from the bottom of the pool. The supplied components (filter screen and suction hose) did not make you “weak” in everyday life and even after a few suction runs, the vacuum cleaner was still ready for the next use.

Customers were satisfied with the hose length and were particularly pleased with the fact that dirt could be removed from the basin so conveniently with the vacuum cleaner.


The pool cleaning set “Deluxe” by Intex is especially worthwhile for freshly baked pool owners, as they can get the most important tools necessary for pool maintenance at reasonable prices.

The individual components of the package have shown what they can do in tests for their suitability for everyday use.

The highlight of the “Deluxe Set” is the solid telescopic handle with which the other objects (nets and Co.) could be used purposefully throughout the pool.

Furthermore, in the deluxe version, calculate pond pump size customers receive the five central cleaning items for pools in one fell swoop – and a good deal of money is saved compared to the individual purchase.

Psst: Do you need the cleaning kit to remove algae from your pool? Then you should definitely read our article on removing algae. Even if there are no algae in your pool, the knowledge in this text could help you to keep it that way forever.

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