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Identification of Fraud and Fake websites and portals

Over the internet, many websites are only present on the internet to trap people in fraud and do

some kind of forgery with them, because many scammers mostly hide their true identity and

show some kind of familiar and known identity or duplication of anything to trap you and they

always behave like they are more worried for you or some kind of extra worry and show you some

kind of alarming alert on which most people unintentionally do click and get involved very

easily actually this is the main setup of scammer to play with fear and worry of human emotions,

many of the websites get data of your credit cards and personal account and on the basis of they

take advantage of you, but not all websites and web portals over the internet are the same like

Tradekey Fraud Free Portal and Tradekey Scam Free b2b Business portal are very famous and


1. How they trapped you

The fraud and fake companies or website or web portal mostly use several ways they are not

follow the same theme or trap design every time, sometimes they give you wrong or fake

information, sometimes misleading you about some information, some time offer you expensive

gifts against your information and a small amount of money like lucky draws and financial

rewards, sometimes they give you cheaper products than other by applying fake sale on it, the

the actual purpose behind all tricks is to get your financial information like visa, master, credit card

information from which they can earn more money by wrong use.

2. Targeting human weakness

Actually, most of the scammers, fake portals, fraud websites plan very smart games with the

coming user they always focus on the human psychology, how numbers of user react to different

kind of urgency messages, how users react when to show some exciting news or message, and

at the end how users react when they receive any kind of fearing news or message on the website,

because all users are not smart and well aware of that kind of heavy negative activities so

scammers mostly using those ways to get your private data and then they begin to hurt you badly

even till that time you have no chance to handle or undo the situations so be aware of that kind

of techniques by the scammers and only do focus on the trustable Tradekey Fraud Free Portal

and Tradekey Scam Free b2b Business portal, which has good users and customers history as


3. Use of emotional style

Mostly the fake and fraud or scammers web site and portals always keep focusing on the

the emotional side of the user, they are very smart in languages and in wording to trigger you very

quickly with some work which mostly related to inner happiness, interest, fear or some kind of

attachment on the basis of it they plan all action for trapping you in few minutes so be aware

whenever your emotions getting involved in any portal or website and your going to use your

financial cards or information, you just need to control yourself, because you are going to

become a victim of a scam.

4. Bad quality of the platform

Whenever you visit any website web portal in which you feel it is not up to the mark and

designing or setting is not well colored, also not look well like good websites, asking too much

things in form, not well design forms bad visual effects and bad quality of images and videos, so

be alert this is addressing that the web is not trustable and high chances of scam on it, so don’t share

your any kind of data here just need to skip it.

5. Incorrect use of language

Mostly the scammers, frauds, and fake portals or web always use incorrect language where

you will find many spellings and grammatical mistakes, even they don’t know how to talk with

words in long communications because they are only focusing on how to trap the user in the fraud

without doing too many efforts on language use so this is also an alert for you from which you

need to be stopped immediately.

6. Hide Identity

This is a global standard for the scammers, fraud, and fake web portal and websites they never show

their real identity and they never allow anyone to get their details, because if they do that they

cant do fraud with anyone, so mostly they never mention any real address or contact details if

you make them call or visit you will always surprise with them, further on the web page where

mostly web has address and numbers or email they only use email because they don’t want any

direct communications with the customers as this could become a big issue for them so that’s why

it is recommended for everyone must use trustable and famous portals like Tradekey Fraud Free

Portal and Tradekey Scam Free b2b Business portal.

7. URL and security check

Whenever visit any website or portal must check the proper name of the website and its security

checks when you are more interested in the web because many similar name, they use in the

domain so with that you can trust them easily with security options on webs must verify it

because searching and cross-checking on the internet are free.

8. Irrelevant products

If you find a trading website and they are also offering you web designing and logo designing

services so please stop because according to the focus rule irrelevant businesses on the same web

means confusion and confusion means high chances of fraud and fake web or portal, on original

webs they are mostly very well focused on the items and their relevancy so this is also a big alert

where you no need to insert your account or card data must need to avoid them and we focus on

the trustable and famous portals like Tradekey Fraud Free Portal and Tradekey Scam Free b2b

Business portal.

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