How to Write an Essay On Economics

Almost all Economics students have to write an essay on Economics from time to time by their professors. There are various purposes behind the writing task. But students sometimes get frustrated with such types of essays because of different reasons. The main reason behind their frustration is a lack of awareness regarding the procedure of essay writing.

Are you one of those students who do not know how to write an essay on Economics?

Don’t worry if you are. We are here to assist you with the step-by-step guidance on writing an economics essay.

In this blog, we will discuss the way to write an essay on economics and other important aspects.


An economic essay is a formal piece of writing where you need to present a clear argument supported with reliable evidence. You have to research your topic by taking sufficient time and plan your essay carefully. 

A proper format you should know before your writing and be on the topic during your writing. When you are done with your writing, do proofreading of it and make it error-free.

Steps to write an essay on economics-

Understand the Question- When you have a question to write on, your first task is to understand the question carefully and think about it for some time. To get the proper meaning of the topic is essential to write an essay. You have to keep the question in mind throughout your writing. Note down the important keywords from the question and highlight them. If you get a complex topic to write on, try to break it into parts and then understand it with full concentration.

Research your Topic-

Your next step is to spend time on proper research of your topic with the help of different sources such as online and offline sources. As for online sources, you can look for websites and blogs; some websites are not reliable and credible, so don’t waste your precious time on them. 

Otherwise, go for offline sources like books, textbooks, and journals related to economics. Apart from this, you can take the advice of your teachers and professors if you are not finding any reliable and credible sources. Pick the essential points, facts, studies, examples from the research.

Do not forget to consider your class notes.

Set a thesis statement-

A thesis statement helps you to structure the body of the essay. A thesis is an answer to the question in 1 or 2 sentences. When you introduce a thesis statement, get an idea of what he or she is going to read in the further text. Each idea and point you make in the essay should be related to your thesis.

Structure your content-

Once you have done with the research, develop the ideas and organize them in a proper format. Plan out what you will present and how you will support your argument, which type of evidence you will present to prove yourself. Clear your position regarding the issue. 

Go for writing-

When you are writing an essay on economics, it mainly consists of three sections: Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusion; when you have mapped out all the key points you want to add to your essay, it’s time to start your essay.

Introduction: In the first part (introduction) you have to answer the question and present your argument. Then you need to write a thesis statement so that the reader can understand what you will write below. You can define any term in the introduction part if you think it needs to be defined.

Main Body: Your essay needs to include multiple body paragraphs depending on the length of the essay. If you need to write a 1000 word essay, then make three-body paragraphs; more than 1000 words break your body paragraphs into 4 or 5 parts. 

You have to include all the evidence and explanation in the main body paragraphs. The order of sentences in each body paragraph should be like-

Topic Sentence

Main Idea

Supportive Idea



Sum up

Conclusion: The conclusion is the last part of your essay. You need to present a central idea in the conclusion part of an essay on economics. Here restate your thesis statement and sum up the key points of your essay. Use simple and readable sentences in the conclusion part and avoid introducing any new ideas in the conclusion.

Proofreading and Editing-

Proofreading and editing are very important for a flawless essay. After the writing task, you should proofread your essay and check-

if you have added unnecessary words and sentences

Or if you have made spelling and grammar mistakes

And you used complex sentences and words

Or if you have made errors of word choice

You followed the correct writing style or not

Or if paragraphs are well structured or not

You have used contractions(don’t, didn’t)

So, if you have made any mistake from the above, then remove it immediately for the well-being of your essay. These mistakes will lead you to fewer marks or grades. 

List of References-

In the last section of your essay, you should include the reference list or the sources you have used while writing. These references show that you have used reliable and relevant data and don’t use irrelevant concepts.

Final Words-

So, now I hope you are clear with the way to write an essay on economics. In this blog we have given step by step guidance on how to write an economics essay effectively. Economics deals with money or you can say it is the science of wealth.

So here you need to present the authentic facts and studies to get good scores in your essay writing. In the above text we have discussed the essential steps that you should follow to write an economics essay.

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