How to Use a Vape kit Safely  


Vaping has been presented as a better and more acceptable alternative to all forms of nicotine delivery devices. Indeed, it is easier on the lungs and spares users of many issues associated with various nicotine delivery device. However, this does not mean vaping is risk-free.  

Many concerns are associated with vaping, which makes it essential to consider good vaping habits that will remove or reduce every form of risk.  

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If everyone is smart with their vape kit, they will avoid any risk and use their device without fear of accidents.  

As a result, this article will shed light on various ways to use a vape kit.  

Stay Hydrated 

Many people do not know that the constituent of vaping might dehydrate the user. The vape juice that you suck might reduce the body water content. This explains why many people deal with signs of dehydration like dry mouth, headache, dry or itchy throat after vaping for too long.  

Luckily, the solution isn’t farfetched – drink enough water. Propylene Glycol, one of the constituents of vape juice, has an affinity for water. So you need to drink enough water, or you risk having a not-so-pleasant experience with vaping.  

Avoid Burning a Dry Coil 

This rule is one of the basics of vaping, and you need to observe it, even if you got the esco bar disposable pens online for beginners. You should always have vape juice in your device before hitting the charge button. Also, don’t hit the button immediately after you load the device up. One needs to give the device time to soak in the vape juice before immersing yourself in the vaping experience.  

When you hit the button too early, you risk burning the coil. However, you want to vaporize the liquid, not burn the coil. Constant burning of your coil will warrant changing it more frequently, alongside a foul taste that might ruin your vaping experience.  

Avoid Vaping at a High-Temperature Setting 

Some vape kit gives the user the ability to adjust their temperature. For such a vape device, one needs to be smart with setting the temperature. It might neutralize the flavor when it is too high, giving users a dry inhale. 

Also, vaping at a high temperature might trigger various chemical reactions in the device. This could release some chemicals which you should not be exposed to hences, ensure to always keep temperature controlled to enjoy the best of your vaping experience.  

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Don’t Modify Your Vape Juice 

Vape juice are manufactured by reputable companies that have been certified to produce non toxic substances for users. They need to follow stringent conditions to ensure their output meet the recommended safety standards, and does not cause any issue for users. 

With years of experience and optimum research, these companies know the best deal for everyone in the ideal proportion. 

So don’t try to play smart by modifying the vape juice or adding any substance. Unless you have a degree in Chemistry, and you have a working knowledge of chemicals, modifying the juice might expose you to unwanted effects. 

It is good to watch tricks and various tips on vaping. Such tricks teach people how to refill their mods with different things like hot sauce. This is not recommended, especially when you consider that hot sauce can trigger throat irritation. 

Vape juice exists in assorted flavors, all with a delicious aroma. As a result, you will likely see something that will appeal to you, without having to modify it.  


Reduce cloud Chasing 

While vaping does not expose the user to any significant risk, you want to do it in moderation. As a result, inhaling too much vapor is not recommended.  Propylene Glycol, one of the constituents of vape juice, is a cause for concern. Also, the risk of contaminants and by-products is there as well.  

Not only should you reduce the number of puffs you take, limiting the amount of vapor you suck in is an excellent idea and can help you vape safely.  

Clean Your Vape Device Regularly  

You want your device to last long, try and observe regular cleaning habits. Cleaning the vape coil is essential to expelling harmful residues that might have accumulated in your device.  

One can use a series of cleaning agents for the device, like vodka or warm water. To clean the device, it is recommended that you soak the device in the cleaning agent and leave it overnight. This will weaken the vape juice residue left in the coil. 

When doing this, remove the coil and use hot water to dissolve the residue. Also, one needs to dry the coil for up to 24 hours so that the whole residue disappears.  

Cleaning agents like water and vodka might weaken your coil. As a result, swish the coil around to expel residues of water and vapor because water shouldn’t be present in this device while vaping.  


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While vaping is a beautiful experience, it is not a license to ditch major safety principles. Such safety tips can guide you towards a great vaping experience with a reduced risk of an accident.  

Consider these seven tips to help you have a good experience while vaping.  




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