How to Triumph in Time Management for Online Learning

This blog is going to bring your attention to a very interesting point!

But, before that, you should know that online learning is now a trend globally. And the UK is considering it on a special note.

There have been numerous students of all ages in the UK who REALLY signed up for these courses.

And not just that, online learning in the UK has been an example of the potentials of different e-learning platforms in educating the modern generation.

And the good news is that people are being aware of this.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have seen new enrolments each year in MOOC learning platforms (Massive Open Online Courses) in the UK.

It is assumed that nearly one-third of the students have already registered themselves in an online course.

Can you imagine what it can do just a decade later?

Well, it’s obvious that online education is the new future we are looking at.

And you need to learn something special about it.

How to Be a Better Time Manager for Your Online Course

Time flies.

You can’t catch it.

But you might as well catch it.

Almost swiftly, like an instant small loan in Ireland or an online purchase of a Christmas gift from eBay, an online degree can award you with a certificate within a matter of months. You don’t need to worry about long study times or stressful commuting hours.

It does not mean that online education doesn’t offer you long study hours.

It means you get to reserve only a little time for studies while most of your leftover time can be dedicated to other works.

Even a job!

According to Bobby Chernev, a historian and a political scientist who is also the editor of, just 1% of the entire week is dedicated to online courses’ training and development phase.

Not just that, but he analysed the time consumed by online learning and compared it to the time consumed by brick-and-mortar learning; he found a huge difference.

A proper and updated e-learning program takes 40% to 60% less time to be finished when it is compared to its traditional counterpart.

That’s certainly benefitting, right?

Well, often for other chores or due to the complex life you have been leading, you might find yourself losing a little bit more time in studying an online course.

Make sure that doesn’t happen with these following online learning time management tricks.

  • Stop multitasking
  • Do you have a workstation?
  • Invest efforts in planning
  • Use the Pomodoro Method

Well, we need some discussions on them, don’t we?

  • Stop Multitasking

Stop Multitasking

Often, students misunderstand that multitasking is the key to being a better online learner.

You don’t need to do that.

All you need to do is be a little bit consistent in following your work and continuing your assignments.

Don’t ever try to talk to a peer, or mail your professor or try to browse an irrelevant website for seeing checking it out.

Some students have also been found recording data in an offline way while a class is continuing online. One may record the data afterwards.

You probably think that noting down the data at some other time would only consume more time, right?


If you are not paying enough attention to the class that you have been doing, you’ll likely end up making mistakes or missing important content, for which you need to book an extra class.

And on rare occasions, an extra class can also cost you a little bit.

You may take the help of apps that can help you stop multitasking by managing your schedule. Apps like Trello are made for works like these, and you’d feel as if you are working with a virtual assistant.

  • Do You Have a Workstation?

And that doesn’t mean just a desk and a device and some equipment.

But, you do need a separate room to study as that saves you a lot of time due to minimising distractions.

An online education workstation is one of the chief requirements of the work. Don’t worry if you don’t have it. You can make online payments or take out a small loan in Ireland to buy your equipment and get ready with your workstation in hours.

But, please pay attention to the type of workstation you need.

Basically, you need a laptop or a tab with proper keyboard and mouse support. You might need additional equipment like a small webcam or a recording unit like a speaker in case you’re studying for a technical degree.

Some students might also need to install specific software that comes with premium charges. But these apps don’t cost that high.

Having these setups will keep you glued to your work. You will definitely be faster and have more time spared.

  • Invest Efforts in Planning 

You might need to communicate about this.

Either with your peers or with your professors, your communication can get you to planning that will ultimately work.

One golden rule the online educators have shared in this respect is thinking ahead of the learning.

If you plan ahead on what you are going to learn for the next week, you’re going to make progress and keep things in place (digitally as well) in order to use time in the best ways.

Invest Efforts in Planning

Your professors and educators are closer to you with online education.

They will initiate a splendid communication with you that will help you know beforehand your schedules in the future.

Some online learning platforms also send a detailed schedule in writing through mail or apps they officially use.

So, your job is almost done right there.

And it saves time IN ADVANCE.

You don’t always get such communicative approaches in the traditional learning environment, do you?

  • Use the Pomodoro Method

It’s very simple but highly effective.

It is a method where you invest your work concentration and use it to the best to achieve your temporary goals.

For example, you have a half an hour class or need a full 20 minutes to finish writing down a report.

Why don’t you make yourself free of distractions in the best ways possible for that 30 or 20 minutes ad don’t even do anything that would take your attention off your work.

When you are done working that way, you take a 5 to 10 minutes break and do something refreshing like making yourself a cuppa tea or talking to a parent, listening to some songs, or practising that impromptu dance move you have been thinking about the whole day.

As a whole, you repeat this process the entire day, and you’ll find you’ll be left with so much time.

To Conclude: Be Kind to Yourself

Just altered the famous Bill & Tedd quote right there!

Well, online education is not constant studying on the blue screen. You will get many fun sessions that you can enjoy with your peers on the platforms.

Online educators do think about the betterment of their students.

Be kind to yourself. Take occasional breaks; use entertainment to escape for a few minutes; enjoy the activities you do; exercise a little bit more, and treat yourself with good food and rest.

Don’t take pressure with financing options as well.Just take a online loans in Ireland and repay the amount using the long repayment period.

Instant enrolment may also help you save time and money both, and a loan can offer that the best if your savings don’t have enough money.

Now you have got some healthy time management tips along with a bonus financial tip for online education.

Use them efficiently.

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