How to Style Boho Maxi Dresses

Boho clothes are the fashion statement now. Beautiful intricate printed dresses are a fashionable summer pick that looks glamorous for any event. One can wear a boho maxi dress anywhere, ranging from a picnic to a beach party. These dresses are the best for those who do not want to dress extravagantly but not look plain and underdressed, too. The free and independent form keeps one comfortable through any weather. One can style these dresses creatively to match several aesthetics customisable for any event. It is necessary to understand how these patterns pair with other clothing items and accessories before doing so.

Here are some ideas to bring out the gorgeous vibe of a boho dress by pairing it with elegant options.


One can wear versatile footwear with these dresses to look vibrant and different from the rest. Boots are a sexy choice since they add a modern touch to the look while also making it high-fashion. One can wear knee-high boots with versions of the dress that have a slit. A boho maxi dress is full of patterns that pair well with plain shiny or sophisticated boots.

Use sandals or other stringy footwear for a simple look. This footwear is best to stay light on the feet and move quickly. They also complement the dresses by putting them in the spotlight while also looking beautiful by themselves. One can wear sports shoes or skater shoes if these dresses are shorter and closer to the knees. Modern platform semi-slippers are a perfect fit as well.


One can wear a multitude of accessories with these dresses. A boho maxi dress provides the best opportunity for one to experiment with jewellery that they cannot with other clothes—Multicolour heavy jewellery ranging from bracelets to necklaces, all explorable in each corner to suit every dress. One can wear simple stone necklaces with a single small pendant to focus on their dresses above the accessories.

One can never pair hair accessories with their clothes as well as they can with a boho maxi dress. These dresses provide the best hippy vibe, and what better way to celebrate it than wearing hair chains and accessories. Glamorous earrings and feather accessories are a go-to pick while accessorising a boho dress. One can wear a thigh-chain with slit dresses.


Some people like layering their clothes to add a visual effect to the dress. It looks carefully planned and organised when layered with different fashionable elements. Denim jackets are some of the easiest to layer with since they have been a style statement for years. Their plain colours match most boho dresses due to the mixture of patterns with an unornamented structure.

One can add stylish leather coats or trench coats to this look during winters to make it versatile for any weather. It is even better if one layers the dress with two coats, both shown while worn. If needed, add suitable flared pants to make it a unique dressing choice and watch everyone amazed by such picks.

Other necessities:

One can always choose the extra lifestyle and add more items to daily fashion. Here are some methods.

  • Make-up is for all clothes, but face rhinestones and other stickers are an awesome pick for boho dresses since they add a unique touch.
  • One can wear henna to exemplify their look and remove the plainness from their overall attire.
  • Use sling bags or mini backpacks for the best looks.
  • Try a creative hairstyle like space buns to make the whole attire organised.


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