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How to Start Your Wavy and Curly Hair Journey

If you’re a straight-haired girl looking to have curly hair, you might think the process is complicated. Some would even believe that they cannot achieve curly hair for their hair type. 

On the other hand, people with wavy and curly hair might feel nature has not been fair enough to them. The dry, unsmooth, and frizzy texture of curly hair most times makes it difficult to manage. From limpness to breakage to too much volume, curly hair comes with challenges that could make the perfect hair seem unattainable.  

However, the right product, the correct routine, and constant maintenance are what you need. According to a report by Insider, a person’s curl pattern, porosity, and texture are significant determinants of the type of products and methods to use.  

Although you must go the extra mile and incur some costs to make your curly hair attractive, it is worth it. Research has linked great-looking hair to confidence, health, and feeling in control. There’s nothing like achieving that perfect curly texture that gets you compliments. 

The following tips will help simplify your wavy and curly hair journey as you work towards beautiful hair: 

Select Shampoo Carefully

Regardless of the hair texture, hair washing is the first step in any hair care routine. You have to eliminate even the smallest dust particles, macro, and micro-organisms, from your hair.  

Meanwhile, while choosing the shampoo to wash your curly hair, you need to be very selective. It’s best to select shampoos with low chemical content to avoid damaging your scalp and your naturally wavy hair.  

Furthermore, you should control shampoo usage on your curly hair because curly hair gets dry very fast. Therefore, applying too much shampoo will cause it to lose its natural moisture, which will do no good for your curly hair. 

Comb Your Hair Bottom-up Using a Spacious Comb

One way to make your hair care routine easier is to avoid brushing your curls. Brushing your already curly hair is like adding salt to a wound. It will get more entangled. Instead, after applying curl cream for curly hair to your hair, comb your hair from the bottom up to easily disentangle the knots that may impede your waves and curls. 

It would help if you got a spacious comb to help you navigate the waves and curls comfortably and remold them to become beautiful, attractive, and well arranged. A clustered comb will break down your curls. 

Get Rid of the Weak, Old Hair Tips

After every two months, you may have to visit your hairstylist if your hair is wavy. Why? The tip of your hair might have started losing its curls. Mainly, when the newly grown hair is curlier than the hair at the information, it is time to trim it. 

When your hair starts losing its curls, it has grown old and weak. And apart from looking awkward, it may cause the newly growing hair to lose its strength. As a result, your wave and curly hair lose their bounce. 

Therefore, it becomes essential for you to watch their hair tips and get them trimmed off when they get old and weak to prevent the loss of your beautiful waves and curls. 

Reduce Your Hair Exposure to Heat

If you have wavy hair, your hair should not have much to do with heat. Being too much exposed to heat will make curly hair lifeless, limp, and lose its waves as time goes on and, as a result, make the hair less attractive, even to you. However, instead of exposing your hair to heat, you can use pins to regain the lost curls. 

How do you apply this method? After taking your bath, make sure your hair is not yet dry. Then target the waves losing their curls, and thrust pin curls into them. Afterward, leave the pins in the hair and allow the hair to dry up with it. Your hair will gradually regain its curls with more attractiveness and firmness. 

Crumple Your Hair

Another thing you have to do to make your wavy and curly hair a source of attraction is crumpling your hair.  

At every stage of your routine: conditioning, drying, or styling, crumpling is a potent way of moisturizing to get beautiful curls and waves. Having washed your hair, crumple it with your fingers from the tip to the root of the hair. Afterward, crumple your styling product into your hair and wait for it to dry up. Then scrape out the hardened formations of the products from your hair for a better curly and attractive hair. 

 Apply the Pineapple Style Often

Pineapple style entails gathering your hair loosely at the highest tip of your head as if it were a pineapple crown. Waking up to see your curls and waves disarranged? That doesn’t sound pleasant. Therefore, if you can’t do this routine every bedtime, you should try doing it at least five times a week.  

If you sleep with your hair loosely gathered around your head, the head resting on the hair against the pillow will make you gradually lose the arrangement of your hair. To this effect, you should sleep with your hair packed in pineapple style before going to bed more often than you don’t do it. 

In Conclusion 

Whether you’re just starting your curly hair journey or looking for ways to improve your curls, the proper hair routine and products can help you attain your perfect hair goals. By identifying your hair problems and choosing the best type of products and hairstyling methods, you can have bouncy, luscious curls that will boost your confidence. You will be able to face the world knowing that you’ve got your hair handled. We hope that this article has been helpful and informative and has provided you with some new insight! These tips will help you have a seamless curly hair journey to have a good hair day as often as possible. 




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