How to set up a Nursery School in Dubai?

In this new era of working women, taking care of their children becomes a difficult task they are already tired of their workload. They feel hard to handle both of the roles. But most of these parents are not interested in appointing a nanny rather they feel more comfortable relying on a Nursery School. With the rising demand for a nursery, this field of work had become a thriving business in Dubai. This article will deliver the necessary information that will help you to set up a nursery in Dubai. But before that, you should evaluate some other things. First, you need to know if this business is right for you. For that conduct an overall assessment to help you understand whether this is going to gain you any profit. Doing this can help you with preparing your business plan.

Now, look into the following passage to have a better understanding of the procedure to start a nursery in Dubai.

Rules and Regulations for Starting a Nursery

 A nursery is a place where parents can leave their children when they are busy with some important work. This place is somewhat similar to daycare, but apart from just taking care of their needs they are provided with nutritious food and let them have fun with different gaming activities.  The Nursery is supposed to work according to a rule set by the UAE Ministry. These rules and regulations are listed below.

  • One should have a Nursery License
  • The License Holder should be a UAE citizen
  • One should have a Police Clearance Certificate
  • If the location comes under the free zone, the business partner one chooses should be a UAE citizen
  • The nursery should be located either on the ground floor or the first floor of the building
  • You should submit three name preferences to the Ministry of Social Affairs along with an Arabic translation
  • After receiving approval from the Ministry of Social Affairs, a Lease Agreement should be drafted

Next, let’s have a look at the list of procedures to start a Nursery in Dubai.

How to set up a Nursery School in Dubai

What are the documents required to start a nursery in Dubai?

To start a nursery in Dubai one has to submit certain documents to the government authorities. So, one should know about these documents at the outset itself.

Here is the list of documents that you have to provide before them:

  • Copy of your passport
  • A profile showing your educational qualification
  • Copy of your family book
  • Application for your nursery license
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Owner’s photo
  • Appointment letter of a UAE citizen as a manager
  • Location, designated building address, and drawing of a nursery
  • Break-up fee of nursery

Now we have an idea about the necessary documents that we have to use for starting a nursery in Dubai. Let’s look at the procedure of starting a nursery.

How to start a nursery in Dubai?

 There are certain stages that need to be followed consecutively while opening a Nursery in Dubai.

1.Get approval from the UAE Education Minister

This is an important step. To get their approval, you will have to do the following:

  • Submit an application form that contains the details of your project and your personal information
  • Meet the representative of the Education Ministry
  • Submit a copy of your academic plan to the Education Ministry
  • Lastly, get approval for building safety by illustrating the safety measures

2. Get approval from the Civil Defense & Municipality

Follow the given steps to obtain approval from Civil Defence and Municipality:

  • Submit the necessary documents to Municipality & Civil Defense
  • Then a representative of MOE will visit the site to provide the final approval
  • Submit another application showing the details of your proposed manager
  • After completing filing, get approval from the Education Ministry with regards to the manager’s interview

 3. Get License from the Department of Economic Development

It is the final stage of the process. Follow the given tasks below:

  • Give an application to the Economic Department and get the license.
  • Apply for a Self Work Permit
  • Provide information about Nursery staff to the system

By following the above steps, you can start a nursery in Dubai. But, have you thought about the additional benefits that you can gain from choosing Dubai for starting your nursery?

Next, let’s discuss the potential benefits that you can gain from the company setup in Dubai.

Boons of Setting Up a Nursery in Dubai

 Just like any other business, starting a nursery in Dubai will gain you a lot of advantages.

  • Firstly, you get complete foreign ownership
  • No corporate tax
  • No personal tax
  • Free of duty
  • Low operational cost
  • Next, you need immunity from all import and export duties
  • Another important thing is the Freedom to recruit expatriates.
  • Free transfer of funds
  • Finally, no control on foreign exchange

How much does it cost to start a nursery in Dubai?

 A nursery License in Dubai is always in high demand and the cost of starting a Nurseries includes a lot of aspects like company setup cost and maintenance expenses. On average for business startup in Dubai, it cost Approximately 12000 AED. Other than these, you should pay expenditures like Professional license fees, Government cultural fees, and Administrative fees.

Even though it seems a bit expensive at first you may not regret this in the end.


So, starting nurseries can be a bit challenging but fun. If you are able to operate it successfully then that will be incredibly rewarding. To open a nursery in Dubai takes a bit of a long set of procedures. However, you can seek help from a business consultant and they will help you with the legal proceedings.






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