How To Resolve – “QBDBMgrN Is Not Running On This Computer”

When a user attempts to access a corporate file maintained on the server, the software displays “QBDBMgrN not executing on this machine,” which is a technical error message. One of the biggest causes of these technical troubles in QuickBooks is the disablement of the QBDBMgrN service. The “QuickBooks database server manager won’t start” problem might also be caused by a corrupt network file. However, as we shall see in this article, various other technical faults might also cause the error while accessing business files via the network.

What Could Be Causing The QBDBMgrN Error To Keep Stopping?

The following is a list of possible causes for the “QuickBooks 2019 server not operating” issue:

  1. Windows Firewall was installed incorrectly.
  2. QuickBooks is unable to connect to the Internet due to your own firewall or Internet security settings.
  3. When your QuickBooks Database Server Manager has become obsolete or has been deactivated
  4. QuickBooks Database Server Manager was installed incorrectly.
  5. In order to access a file across a network, a damaged network data file is required in QuickBooks.

How Do I Remove “QuickBooks Database Server Manager Failed To Start” From My Computer?

Solution 1:- Make Use of QuickBooks File Doctor
  • When there is data corruption in a firm file, you may not be able to access it. QuickBooks File Doctor detects and corrects typical problems in the company’s file system and network. If the error persists, you must resolve the various issues within the program to resolve the issue.

Solution 2:- Renaming is the second option. The ND file is kept in the company’s files.

  • Look for the file with the extension in the folder holding the company file. ND
  • Right-click the file and choose Rename from the drop-down menu.
  • Now add to the mix.
  • The word OLD is appended to the end of the file name (i.e.. ND.OLD)
  • If QuickBooks DB29 still won’t start after you’ve tried this option, move on to the next step.

Solution 3:- Open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager and restart it.

  • Insert services by pressing Windows+R. in the Run box, type MSC
  • To find the QuickBooksDBXX service, press Enter and scroll down.
  • Restart the service by right-clicking on it.
  • Update QuickBooks and try to access the file again after enabling the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

Solution 4:- Install the latest version of Windows Firewall.

  • To fix the “QuickBooks 2019 server not operating,” update your Windows firewall, and if you get an error when upgrading Firewall, complete the operation by downloading the update file.
  • Follow the solution to the conclusion to resolve the  “QBDBMgrN not running on this computer” issue, and stay tuned for more articles on QuickBooks error codes and difficulties.


We hope that the troubleshooting methods provided in this blog have helped you understand that the QBDBMgrN is not running on this computer and how to repair it quickly.

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