How To Remove Mother Tongue Influence And Get Command In English?

Different types of languages are being spoken in different parts of the world. So, it is not necessary that we all will have English as our first language or our mother tongue. But the problem occurs when we have to speak in English but due to our mother tongue influence, we are not able to speak English fluently. Even though at times, we can speak English fluently, but due to our first language influence it becomes difficult for people to understand what we are saying.

This is one of the common problems which many people face, so you need not worry about the same. We know that if you will continue speaking in the same manner, you may face trouble when having a conversation with someone who is not of your region. It can also create a problem when you will face interviews. That is why, to help you have a command in English, without the mother tongue influence, we are sharing a few tips below. With the help of these tips, you will be able to remove mother tongue influence with ease.


Work on your English Intonation and Rhythm –

With the mother tongue influence, we tend to speak every language in the same tone. It is because we have been using the same tone for a long time. But if we will practice every day, we will be able to use the right intonation and rhythm. We know that by self practicing it is not easy to achieve the correct intonation. So, we recommend that take help from spoken English classes online. The tutors there will be able to improve your English speaking rhythm, by removing the mother tongue influence.


Communicate more in English –

Alone by learning the correct English intonation you will not be able to fix this mother tongue influence. You need to communicate with others so that you can adopt the new intonation with ease. If you will not communicate enough, you will not be able to remove the mother tongue influence only by learning. You can look for people who use the same intonation when speaking English. Or you can become friends with people who are there with you in English Speaking Course. The more you will communicate the more difference you will notice in the English intonation, so start from today only.


Practice by recording your voice –

At times, we feel that we now have good command over English and there is no mother tongue influence. But we are only able to know the truth when someone tells us or when we hear ourselves. One of the best ways to remove the mother tongue influence is to start recording your voice when practicing. By doing so you will be able to hear whether you still have a mother tongue influence or not. This will also help you know how much you are improving every day. Once you will start noticing the improvement, it will motivate you to practice more.


Watch English movies and listen to English songs –

We know that not everyone likes to watch English movies or wants to hear English songs. One of the reasons is that we find it difficult to understand. But what if it helps you in learning the right English-speaking tone? Many people use this trick to remove their mother tongue influence and they are doing great at present. Not only they can remove the mother tongue influence, but they do like English movies and songs now.

We hope all these tips help you in speaking English without the mother tongue influence. If you have any doubt, we recommend that take help from an English teacher online India. With the help of Awal English Classes, it is now possible to work on your English in the best way. Be it about speaking fluent English or about removing mother tongue influence, do not worry about all, if you are planning to join Awal English.

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