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How to Optimize User Experience on an Android Phone

Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our life. A study suggests that an average American spends almost 3 hours a day on the phone. This would equate to almost 44 days spent on the phone over a year. We have a hard time putting our phones down. However, are we getting the most optimized user experience? Well, not really!.

Over time, like other digital devices, your phone also starts to age and slow down. You will start noticing a delay in loading applications, response time, and the general processing speed. This can be annoying over time. Buying a new phone every time a newer model comes out is not practical for everyone.

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Here are a few ways you can optimize your user experience on your current android phone.


Apps you have installed but don’t use, occupy storage space and may slow down your phone. Your phone is constantly processing app data in the foreground or the background. Unused apps hog storage space and processing time, making operation slow.

The cache is data that apps and websites store locally to process future requests for that data quicker. Accumulation of cache can cause your phone and apps to slow down. Most android phones come with built-in data cleaners that will remove useless data or cache. If yours doesn’t have one, you can long-press on apps and click app info. There you will find the clear cache option.

Delete Old Media

We are constantly saving photos, screenshots, and videos that we end up not revisiting. After a point, this data starts taking up significant storage space & can affect your phone’s performance. Delete old files and documents you have not opened as they are only wasting valuable memory space.

Back up photos and videos on the cloud if they have any sentimental value. This way you have them saved somewhere without having to deal with a lagging phone.

Get the Lite Version of Apps

Getting the Lite version of the app is an excellent way to save storage. It can exponentially improve your phone’s speed and performance. If you just use Facebook for scrolling and messenger for texting, get the lighter version. You will not even notice the difference when you make the shift, but the lighter version of these apps will occupy much less space than their original versions.

Consider using progressive web apps (PWAs). These apps are disguised as websites and can be accessed through your browser. The concept is to provide app-like functionality without hogging space on your phone. Pinterest, Uber, and Spotify offer PWAs.

Upgrade Storage

The most undisputed advantage android phones have over apple phones is expandable storage. If your phone has started to lag and applications take ages to launch, try getting more storage space. Adding memory spaces aids in increasing the speed as well.

Memory card capacities range from 2GB to 32GB, you can choose one that would work best for you. There are different speed classes of SD cards. The slowest one is Class 2, which can only support standard-definition video. The fastest one is Class 10 capable of recording HD video. We recommend getting either class 6 or class 10 for optimum results.

Perform a Factory Reset

If you have tried most of these tricks and are still not happy with your phone’s performance, give factory reset a shot. It is a proven way to enhance phone speed and performance. However, one must be careful while factory resetting their phone as it deletes all the data present on their phone.

Make sure you have backed the data to the cloud before you start the factory reset. You can find the factory reset option in your phone settings under the system option.

In Conclusion

With some changes, you can significantly improve your phone’s performance. Follow these tips to free up memory space, enhance app processing speed and optimize the user experience.

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