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How to hack WI-FI password step by step?

Yes, this is true that most of the passwords in the world of computers and the internet are highly safe and secure; also, when it is a WI-FI network, then yes, breaking through the password is not really an easy task to be done. But, just because something is not easy does not mean it cannot be done. There are always ways and means for anything and everything to be done, and the same goes the case for how to hack WIFI password step by step.

People are very much tech-savvy, and there is no doubt about it but still, for many people hacking comes as a whole different forte. Therefore, when it comes to how to hack WI-FI passwords, people do need a proper set of guidelines to help themselves. So, here further in the guide, you will get to read everything related to how to hack WIFI password step by step. The process is tricky undoubtedly, but as the world of technology is advancing with each passing day, it has now become a smooth process as one can take help by using various types of free software programs that are available for this purpose. There are apps made for this, and they have made things easier for themselves.

But, even to get it done through those apps, it is necessary for the person to know the exact process of how to hack WIFI password step by step.

Hacking WI-FI password in a step by step manner-

  • The equipment should be in your control – The first step of any how to hack WIFI password step by step guide would say that the equipment used by a hacker should allow him or her to conduct easy security feature testing. It is unethical and also not at all legal to put your nose into another person’s system. Therefore it is very important to be doing all of these procedures from your home premises.
  • Make a collection of all the equipment needed– If you are actually planning to attack and break the WEP encryption, then for that, you will need certain equipment.

The list for those equipment goes as follows- 

  • Kali Linux
  • A hoe router wireless with WEP running
  • There should also be an air cracking program included with Kali
  • A USB wireless network card
  • Another wireless device connected with the router
  • Recognized and well functioning– As the next step toward WI-FI password hacking, it is important for the USB wireless card to get verification by the Kali Linux software program. In order to conduct this process, you will have to open the BASH shell command, and there, you need to enter the ifconfig command. Right after entering the command, you will be able to see many interfaces, just like the Ethernet interface.
  • Capture Packets-In this next step for how to hack WIFI password step by step; you will be looking for other connected wireless devices for initiating the attack. The software program will analyze and compare with the help of a complicated algorithm; this will help with the network key.
  • Storing the captured packets– After that, in the next step of how to hack a WIFI password step by step, you will have to store all those packets from the USB wireless card. Once in the above step, you will be done with all the wireless networks and the info related to them. There is BSSID, and also there are other key data.
  • Running an Air cracking against data captured– The next step here to take would be to give a run to the cracking software against all the data which has been collected.
  • Not successful in the first thing– Well, yes, this can be a problem. You may not succeed in your first attempt, so you will have to work on capturing more packets. Once the commands are successful, you will then get to see the right WEP key.

So, to put it all in simple words for the people or we should say for non-specialists to understand, one can say that how to hack WIFI password step by step all depends on the capturing of the data packets done in the right manner.

It is true that if one follows the steps as they have been discussed here, it would be very easy to hack any WI-FI password. There are so many other ways and means, also for cracking a password, or we can say to hack the WI-FI, but here the process which we have discussed is the most popular and the easiest way out. There is just one main point, or we should say the one very basic requirement that is a good speed with the internet connection.

Other than this, one can also hack WI-FI passwords on Windows or Ubuntu, but here on this software program, it is really very easy. Therefore, doing it through this software program turns out to be something preferred by the people. The software program has been very easy for everyone to understand and use.

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We have already admitted above that the process of hacking, if done in this way then it is very easy and also smooth. But, we still cannot deny the fact that one needs to have proper knowledge of information technology and also should have the right set of skills. If still, after reading all of this as it has been written here, you still find yourself stuck, then the next thing you should do is look for some technical experts. You can ask for their help and advice. But, also, you should always remember hacking passwords is not something really recommended. So, even if you are doing it as an IT professional, please note that you do it for ethical reasons.

Hacking done but not for ethical reasons is always taken up as a serious cybercrime, and one can get stuck with criminal proceedings in this case, which should be avoided at any cost.

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