How to Get the Best Box Printing Results for Packaging CBD Supplements?

Is your brand invested in retaining customers? Sustaining in the intensely packed CBD supplements market is complex but possible if you keep customers interested in your brand. Custom box printing takes time. However, it is the best method to maintain, and even escalate, an even flow of sales revenues.

The importance of healthy customer relationships

Impressing your customers and giving them a valid reason to keep coming back for more, is the best factor fueling brand growth, creating a firm loyal customer base, and generating stronger brand awareness. Here are some factors that make customer retention absolutely necessary for your brand.

  • Enhances customer lifetime value: this is how much revenue each customer generates over the course of doing business with your brand. Allowing customers to perceive higher brand value through well-planned packaging, is a great way to prolong their relationship with your brand. It certainly ups profit levels.
  • Boosts word-of-mouth brand marketing: another benefit of healthy customer relations is that your brand finds free-of-cost brand advocates. It is a convenient method to generate more sales without drying out more resources.
  • Capture more customers than rivals: at the end of the day, competition matters to survive and grow in the CBD markets. Loyal customers are bound to stay with your brand and encourage others to do the same. A better ability to retain customers allows your brand to stay above the competition.

How to retain customers with innovative custom printing?

Printing on the CBD boxes isn’t just about embossing the brand identity. It is this and much more. Custom elements and technology have evolved this process. Custom printing can now perform varied tasks for your brand without costing too much.

We present to you some creative ways that printed features can reap a higher number of customers.

  1. Highlight the brand and attach more value to it

Even if you sell CBD supplements exclusively online, at stores, or a mix of both, your brand image is what is going to earn you new customers and keep the old ones.

An executive brand image works wonders in terms of elevating the brand’s value promotion. Customers feel the same sentiments about the business as depicted on its packaging. Printing features such as foil stamping, crafty logos, artistic blend of colors, etc. help to put forth a worthy brand image. Buyers are bound to be brand loyal once they see that the brand offers much more than just basic CBD supplements through its packaging.

Try to focus on putting your core brand values on the packaging, every printing detail must resonate with your branding goals. This way you’ll strengthen your brand recognition.

box printing

  1. Make it personal

Extending a personalized shopping experience is a sure-shot way of winning more loyal customers. There are several ways your CBD supplement boxes can achieve this through box printing.

  • Creating specialized boxes for every kind of supplement.
  • Including customer details like the name, location, or even incorporating unique colors and graphics for every customer demographic.
  • Directly conveying branding messages. Handwritten notes and conversational texts allow customers to feel part of brand marketing.
  • Using creative illustrations. Pictures speak more than words and are easier to understand.

Showing customers that you care for their preferences is going to encourage them to be brand loyal.

  1. Offer loyalty rewards

You must have come across brands that offer loyalty points and rewards for their customers. This isn’t an added service. They are deliberately trying to boost sales by offering incentives for repeat purchases.

Your brand can print promotional offers on the CBD supplement boxes. It gives a strong reason for customers to repeat their purchases time and over and look forward to receiving valuable gifts and rewards in return.

Alternatively, you can add extra paper parchments inside the boxes. Just remember that your packaging must be fun and memorable to open at every stage along with motivating customers to pick your brand out of the many others every time they shop for CBD supplements.

  1. Always be transparent

Tell your customers what you believe in as a brand. Positive business attributes such as sustainability, fairness, clean production values, and more earn higher respect from customers.

Put colorful stickers or labels printed with relevant brand ethics. Customers are quick to notice these and feel confident about their purchases. This is sure to lead to stronger brand awareness and customer satisfaction. Clear fonts and neutral box backgrounds help to make the printed content stand out and be easily readable.

Some handy tips:

There are certain tips you can use to make printing on-point and hassle-free.

Take professional help

If you are new in the CBD industry or aren’t experienced enough to create the perfect CBD box, bring professional box manufacturers on board.

Contrary to the popular notion that expert box engineers cost too much, the boxes they create actually reduce a lot of potential hazards on top of being crafted to perfection. Your brand must give convenience to customers in using the CBD supplement boxes. Some ways box designers positively contribute to this goal include:

  • Measure the box dimensions to give apt product protection.
  • Place protective printing layers that prevent scratches and water from affecting the boxes.
  • Put all printed content on the most appropriate and effective box spot.

Hiring professionals is a wise way to save on time and finances. The final packaging appeal is going to earn your brand a better repute and reduce wastage.

Reducing the box load

You have to literally make your boxes lighter by crafting them in the right size. Moreover, shunning unnecessary printed patterns, graphics and texts prove useful in sending the intended messages across effectively.

Using QR codes, stating online portals, and printing on the box insides are some of the ways your brand can become more visible and maximize the favorable effects of custom box printing.


Nowadays customers prefer seeing their CBD supplement boxes neat and precise. Make sure that you employ the best printing practices as stated above.

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