How to get Cloud Contact Center setup in India

You may be aware that technology is constantly evolving. It is becoming more advanced every day, allows for increased flexibility, cost savings, and convenience for many businesses. Cloud call center solutions are starting to recognize the benefits of cloud-based solutions. A cloud contact centre is a modern alternative to on-premises contact centres that uses the most updated communications technologies. It has numerous advantages for businesses that wish to meet and improve their consumers’ service expectations consistently. If your company still uses legacy contact centre technology, you are probably aware of the system’s limitations. It is also possible that you won’t be able to simply add additional channels such as message, email, chat, social media, or in-app messaging or adjust your basic call routing system. Here you will get alternative for the cloud contact centre setup:

What is a Cloud Contact Center?

The best cloud telephony service is a customer support function that manages client interactions over several channels, such as phone, email, chat, text messaging, and social media. The main contact centre technology of a cloud contact centre is hosted by a third party using cloud computing. Automatic call distributors (ACDs), which route calls, and interactive voice response (IVR) systems, which greet callers and promote self-service, are commonly hosted applications. Then you can use the hosted solutions for workforce management, analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), training management, and more in cloud contact centres. Contact centres have developed from classic, limited-purpose call centres with the addition of digital channels, workforce management, advanced analytics, and more. In addition, newer contact centres are cloud-based, making them even more powerful and cost-effective.

Providing the right setup at the right time:

Customers frequently call with frustrations coming from poor service in the past. This may also make your agent’s job hard even before saying hello. And forcing your agents to transition between legacy backend systems and contact channels regularly can cause discomfort, human error, duplication of effort, longer average wait and response times, and, ultimately low customer satisfaction. So for cloud contact centre set up, you should have the right cloud telephony providers in India to over the issues.


Businesses must identify the problem in their current company plan that prevents them from providing seamless customer service. This includes identifying the technology’s hardware, routing, applications, and personnel. Enterprises should also keep track of essential data sources integrated into the new system. Most essential, businesses must choose a solution that allows them to track their customer service organization’s successes and failures. So you can install a new setup.


On-premise: Setting up an on-premise call centre can take a long time. This includes determining the necessary hardware, licencing, and installing and configuring software systems.

Cloud-based: A cloud-based call centre is the simplest to set up. It does not need any complicated hardware maintenance and works well right out of the box without assembly.

Public Cloud

In a public cloud, a third-party vendor or cloud service provider owns and manages the database and applications, and you can use examples shared by many other enterprises. A web browser is used to manage the services. It is useful because it has a low operating cost and does not require maintenance because your service provider will take care of it.

Private Cloud

A private cloud can be hosted in your on-premise data centre or a third-party service provider. Both the hardware and software are dedicated to your business, while the services and infrastructure are kept on a private network. The private cloud is beneficial for banks, government agencies, and financial institutions that deal with big amounts of data since it gives them more control over the data.

Hybrid Cloud

As your business requires, you can choose to store your data and apps on both private and public clouds. A mix of a private and public cloud can be used by firms that deal with large volumes of data with low-security needs and sensitive customer data. It delivers more flexibility and is also cost-effective.

Scale your cloud contact centre setup Knowlarity:

Cloud contact center setup is not an easy task, but when it comes to Knowlarity, it is the best cloud contact centre provider on the market for setup and solutions. So you can approach Knowlarity if you want to implement a cloud telephony service in your company.

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