How To Find The Best Angel Investor For Your Startup Business?

Knowing the best about your business, its weaknesses along the definite plan may significantly influence how you want your business to start at the early stage. However, financial support remains integral in every step you plan to take. But before that, you need to make your grounds strong and well-managed. 

An angel investor is someone who can help you in standing on your feet. If you find one, you will thank him later. 

Investors are of different types. Some just invest in the business and demand massive profits while some are eager to see the business grow and want its share accordingly. In both cases, the investors are helping out the businesses to establish and produce some chunks in their favor. 

While you are looking for an investor to invest in your business, you need to understand how important an angel investor is for your business today. 

In this post, I will introduce you to the term “angel investor” and then will continue telling you the smart ways to find the one for your startup. 

Get To Know About Angel Investors And Accredited Investors 

An angel investor is someone who has a decent amount of money in his pocket while is willing to invest a small amount of money into the startup. 

This is the person you might want to meet today and prepare yourself to take the next significant steps. 

Angel investors are more concerned about the startups where they can invest. They also expect to receive the share for their early support. Perhaps, anyone can name itself or become an angel investor. You can even find some in your social circle. They would stand up for your business and hand over some amount as investment.

But wait for a second! Not all angel investors have accredited investors. There are some requirements of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) which shall be met to become an accredited investor. 

An accredited investor is someone who:

  • Has more than $1 million individually with his/her partner or together, 
  • Has achieved over $300,000 together with the partner, or $200,000 individually in the past two years,
  • Owns professional expertise awarded by the business school or some professional/accredited educational institute. 

Accredited angel investors are experienced and have a thorough understanding to overcome the risk of seed investing in the beginning.

Because of the risk of losing money, investors in angels do not leave more than 10% of their portfolio. Investment fees range from US $ 15,000 to US $ 250,000 or more.

Most investors and angels prefer not to be identified. There are some exceptions when angel investors set up a merger under unpaid companies as well as other corporations. They can be found online.

Smart Ways To Find Angel Investors For Your Business 

Take help from the internet 

Some entrepreneurs are looking for angelic investors among friends and relatives. Others are looking for anyone who invests online. 

AngelList represents a community of large businesses, with more than 100,000 successful businesses and more than $ 1 billion in investment.

It was designed to support online startups by connecting technology startups to technology experts and angel investors.

Tech Coast Angels (TCA) is the biggest investment company. The platform was established in 1997 and has invested over $ 250 million in more than 450 companies.

TCA has a team of more than 450 professionals to assist early adopters in IT, software, technology, and life sciences.

In terms of biotechnology, Wefunder is one of the largest platforms in the investment field. Wefunder has helped more than 1,500 entrepreneurs start and raise more than $ 290 million in investment.

People at Wefunder have a great spirit for beginners combining technology with biology. Businesses like Medqo LLC must look at these sites to start their business and serve humanity. 

Find the angel groups 

Angel investors can be divided into group types. There are five types of angel investing:

  • Depending on adults/university;
  • revenue-based income;
  • Clean technology
  • Financial impact
  • life sciences.

An Alumni / Universities is a group of angels working in a college or college. 

The group that earns money from seed for seed to small or start-up companies in different companies.

These groups work through loans based on money, but some of them involve angelic investment work. The founders of the source are the epitome of a team.

Tech Cleantech is an investment company that provides content management and seeding solutions for green energy startups.

An impact investment team helps solve social problems. They support initiatives based on environmental protection, curriculum improvement, and human rights.

They accept the origins of women, veterans, and people of color with foundations.

Life Sciences Group is an investment company focused on scientific research. They support startups and provide them with essential tools, such as access to software, data, and labs.

Know your business from every side 

Before designing a business plan, you need to determine your audience. Describe your customer and your business. This may include determining their geographical location, age, economic status, and gender.

To keep interested parties interested, you want your business plan to be as informative and engaging as possible. Try to include details of your product and/or service, business plan, financial plan, management, and operating system, as well as market analysis and all your plans.

By creating a culture of effective communication and leading feedback within the team, you will better understand your startup.

One way is to define your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and fears (SWOT analysis).


Angel investors are famous all over the world today. According to EBAN, there are more than 9,000 investors in the UK, investing approximately US $ 2.4 million annually.

European angel entrepreneurs have already distributed the US $ 9.5 billion to start within a year. In 2020, 341 startups from India received funding from angelic investors.

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