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How To Describe The Creation Of Kauna Bags

What are Kauna items?

Kauna bags were initially made for nearby utility purposes. The stem is likewise savored as a food. Kauna objects were generally fundamental in plan, with a bit of variety assuming they were required for stylized giving.

Hand tailored Kauna Hand Bag are containers produced using finely woven Kauna grass. A Reed Basket Bag which can go onto any hand and make it look alluring. This Reed Basket Bag hand bushel is a shocker.


Kauna is the neighborhood name for a stream reed which is developed in the swamplands. It has a round and hollow, delicate and springy stem which is dried and woven into mats, pads or beddings and furthermore provides us with the best of Kauna tote. Purchase Kauna Reed Basket Bag online from Sangai Bazaar for all your ordinary exercises. These sacks are tough and can really hold a great deal of your things easily. These sacks give you a tasteful look and will coordinate with every one of your outfits and make you hang out in any group. These packs have a characteristic imperial look on you which different sacks can’t give you. These sacks are handwoven to provide you with the component of complexity and tastefulness and you will look interesting any place you go.

  • The Kauna satchel isn’t just eco-accommodating yet additionally makes you right away look climate amicable and somebody with a profound taste and a yearning to look excellent. Ladies can’t survive without a purse and Kauna tote and reed bin gives you that moment prepared look and would continuously be there to save your day. These sacks are developed solid to deal with you most active days easily.
  • With the ongoing days expect you to convey a sack any place you, these packs will prove to be useful for you very much like your dearest companion. Purchase Kauna Reed Basket Bag online with an assortment of choices that would suit your need. We have packs of various assortments to cause you to feel sure and convey an exceptional style any place you go.
  • These packs in a split second lift any outfit and can progress from sand to city in a matter of moments. Whether it’s made with plastic, straws, jute or stick, a woven style matches similarly well with your swimsuit as well as your fav summer dress. So we’re about to say it: If you needed to pick one, this is the main pattern you want to sack detail
  • Dry grass packs from Habere India are a work of art will take hearts and draw in eyes, their exquisite plan will work out positively in any customary as well as the western outfit. Now is the right time to roll out an improvement and lessen the of plastic packs with one delightful, brilliant and rich jute sack. The packs have adequate space for you to convey every one of your fundamentals. Add stylish straw Bag to your assortment. Enroute the universe of excitement with eco-accommodating packs f
  • From grower, capacity crates, organic product containers and boxes to mats, liners, totes and divider stylistic layout, a wide scope of things are important for the carefully assembled Sabai items. Since these fastidiously hand-woven merchandise are fabricated naturally, they are eco-accommodating and earth economical
  • This mid year, express yes to maintainable design with our privately obtained satchel, which is the perfect blend of eco-accommodating and jazzy. Also, it’s really convenient, sturdy and dependable

It’s a recyclable item so if and when (despite the fact that we question you at any point will) you become weary of utilizing this satchel, you can constantly transform it into a grower!

The most common way of making kauna bins starts with the rancher who develops the grass, ordinarily alongside his paddy development. He collects 2 to 3 yields every year and determines a genuinely decent pay from its deals to create weavers. The grass develops to a level of around 6 feet or more, and is cut when at its full level. It is dried completely and once in a while even gets the warm smoke from a fire assuming it is spread over rafters on the roof. The elastic internal piece of the stem must be totally dry to forestall mould. The grass is either kept its regular tone or colored in brilliant varieties to feature the normal shade or be made into a completely hued bin.

Carefully Assembled Kauna Bags

Eco well disposed Handcrafted packs produced using Kauna grass ( Reed grass ). It is developed in the wetlands of North Eastern pieces of India, its tube shaped delicate and elastic stem is dried and woven to make a rich, present day looking sacks and different items by neighborhood craftsman’s with a conventional touch. These Bags are an ideal fit for your regular requirements, be it shopping or an evening out with your companions. By utilizing this biodegradable item you will add to-wards a more economical earth , Local economy and craftsman’s who needs to save and spread the embodiment of our rich social and customary expressions and specialties

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