How to Create Ideal Custom Boxes for Retail Products?


There are plenty of shoppers out there that may be considered impulsive buyers, meaning that some of their shopping is solely based on the product packaging. And that’s the power of a great packaging design. From a marketing perspective, an attractive and eye-catching design cannot only captivate its targeted audience but also pursue them into buying your product. Custom boxes help a consumer identify their needs for that particular product.

Effective product packaging has a design that clearly shows the customer what they are looking for. For instance, if your product is organic, and made with certain specific materials, then it should be mentioned on the packaging. If it’s a food product then it is more important to mention the ingredients on the packaging to avoid any food hazards. All of these simple but technical things fall under the packaging design.

In this article, we will share some of the tips that will help you in designing custom boxes in a way that not just attracts your targeted audience, but also help boost sales and optimizes its performance.

Tips for better-designed custom boxes

Many box manufacturers also offer additional services like box printing and designing. Following are some of the tips that will help you in your customized box packaging.

1.    Hiring a designer

The first option you’ll probably have to make is whether to design yourself or hire a professional designer. If you’ve opted to outsource your design needs, you’ll want to make sure you ask the appropriate questions before getting started.

2.    Explain your product

Make sure your designer knows what the product is to get just the right type of packaging. Is your product perishable, or easily breakable? What is its durability? Does the product bend or get out of shape easily? These are the things that your designer must know before he starts designing the custom boxes. If your product is an irregular shape, then custom boxes are the best solution for it.

3.    Targeted audience

You need to keep in mind your targeted market demographics while designing your custom boxes. The things that reflect on deciding your target demographics are gender, age, values and income. These factors should be kept in mind while designing an appropriate packaging for your customers. If your product is for young teen girls, you can opt for softer color themes. If your product is for the kids, your designs should incorporate funky and colorful designs, fonts and text. Similarly, if your product is for elderly people, a sober, decent and gentle tone might work the best.

4.    Product placement

This aspect is also important while designing. From a marketing perspective, an expensive and luxury product is for the higher end and upper-class social market needs placement in a fancier place such as departmental stores, event launches etc. Keeping this in mind, your design must also have a touch of the class accordingly. Your brand image is important, and so is your design. A tacky and indecent design custom box is not a place for a top tier place.

Similarly, how and where you’re going to sell your product also determines whether you need more durable or fancy packaging or not. If your product is going to be sold in a brick-and-mortar store, then you don’t need to spend too much money on your custom boxes. But on the other hand, if your product is going to be displayed on shelves, then it must have a design strong enough to catch customers’ attention.

custom boxes

5.    Logo and Brand representation

All of your designs must be consistent with the fundamental image and public representation of your company. There are various ways to maintain your brand image in your design by employing comparable colors, fonts, and logo positioning across all goods. For instance, McDonald’s is a well-known brand and has its iconic red background and golden arches logo. It’s one of the most well-known brand names and logos in the world. This is because, despite multiple various modifications and timely upgrades in their designs, McDonald’s has managed to keep its basic color theme.

Make sure your logo is the proper size and in the right spot when designing your custom boxes so that your customers can quickly recognize and identify your brand. A great logo represents your brand well while also looking great in any context. Specifically, on your product package.

6.    Unique Patterns

Patterns are a fantastic way to add interest and fun to your design. You can use simple shapes and patterns, such as polka dots, to create a whimsical appearance, or you can use linear patterns, such as lines, curves or waves. You can use other geometrical forms to enhance your design. The abstract design is another brilliant thing you can do with patterns.

You may even mix and match styles to make your company stand out in a sea of uniformity. Whatever path you take, don’t be afraid to let your creativity run free when designing. You can find design inspiration by searching Pinterest or Instagram, or by researching on Google. Always remember that comprehensive research aids in the flow of creative ideas.

When using patterns, one thing to keep in mind is not to go overboard. Using a lot of pattern design could be distracting. This quickly leads to a shift in attention. So, even if you’re using patterns, make sure they don’t detract from the importance of your company logo, product description, and other vital details.

7.    Watch out for your competitors

Researching your competition allows you to differentiate your designs from those of other brands. This distinguishes your product from the competition. You can search for flaws in their designs and avoid making the same mistakes on your own. Look for feedback and other reviews on the packaging from the general audience, and then adjust your designs accordingly.


You can create custom boxes that are not unique, but also help you increase your sales by following the aforementioned design suggestions and strategies. Always keep in mind that the primary goal of your custom made boxes is to capture your customer’s attention. Hire box manufacturers that can provide you both box printing and designing service.

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