How to Choose the Right Horn for Car or Bike?

Do you remember the last time you had to struggle to make your way through dense traffic? Horn for Car

Imagine how it would have been if your horn failed right in the middle of the traffic?

How annoying would have it been for you to reach your destination?

Now you realise how important it is to choose a durable quality of horn.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Horn for Car or Bike

Here are a few things you must consider when purchasing a horn from online or offline market:

  • Horn Volume

Horn volume is the very first thing to consider when you are purchasing a horn.

The volume of a horn is defined by its decibel limit mentioned in the description of the Horn product.

Different horns can have different volumes. You can look for any unboxing video to check the volume of the horn you want to purchase.

  • Sound Quality

While a loud horn is essential to help you make a quick way through dense traffic, the volume should not be too loud to startle or annoy other individuals on the road.

Hence, the quality of the horn also matters. The horn should be loud but pleasant.

  • State Regulations

This is another crucial factor to consider if you don’t want to find yourself paying hefty fines or worse, ending up in jail.

It is especially important to check the horn decibel limit allowed by your state if you are planning to purchase a super loud horn.

  • All-Weather Performance

Some visibly mounted horns can provide poor performance during heavy rains. 

If their quality is too low, then there are high chances that you’ll have to replace your horn every rainy season.

Hence, look for a horn that offers an all-weather, non-stop performance.

  • Durability

Certainly you would not love to find yourself spending more money and time purchasing a new pair of horns after every few months.

Hence, always check the reviews of the horn you are purchasing to know if it lasts as long as the brand claims.

  • Cost

The cost of the horn is another factor to consider. 

This becomes all the more important when you are shopping with a budget constraint.

The best part is, you can easily find a whole bunch of brands in India that offer quite good quality horns at reasonable prices.

  • Design and Appearance

A lot of people are very peculiar about the appearance and aesthetics of their automobile.

An elegant and stylish, visibly mountable horn for car or bike is an excellent accessory to decorate your automobile.

  • Installation Process

If you are one of those people who enjoy maintaining their vehicle at home, then you’ll probably want to install the horn by your own.

In this case, you should consider purchasing a horn that is easier to install. Luckily, most horn models are easy to install and you don’t require any special tools or skills to mount them.

  • Horn Size

Sometimes you can be unsure about the size of horn you want to purchase. 

In such case, it is better to go for a smaller size than the factory-installed horn’s size. This is because a smaller horn will be easier to install.

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Top 5 Horn Brands in India

Here are the best 5 horn brands that you can rely on for their quality and durability:

  • Roots

Roots Industries India Limited is a proud Indian brand that offers affordable products in super competent quality.

  • Bosch

Bosch is a household name in the country that is most popular for its superior quality accessories and parts like horns, wiper blades, oil filters, engine oil, headlights, etc.

  • Super

Super’s portfolio also includes a super wide range of reliable quality products. It includes electric horn, reverse horn, horn relay, brake flash light, cabin light, roof light, fog light, smartphone charger, etc.

  • UNO Minda

UNO Minda is another brand that offers a range of excellent quality horns for cars and bikes and that too at a price range most suitable for the Indian budget bracket.

  • Geomex

Apart from loud and stylish waterproof vehicular horns, Geomex is a worldwide manufacturer of car accessories like car fan, car charger cable, car wiper, etc.


So, here was the best guide for choosing the right horn for bike or car.

If you are looking to purchase some latest and authentic auto parts and accessories on the internet, then you can consider checking the excellent range of premium yet affordable auto products at

Hope you found this article helpful and enjoyable. Have an excellent day ahead.

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