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How to Change Server Region on Discord?

Are you surveying the web and looking for a quick guide that will assist you and let you know how to change the discord server location?

If your revert is in the positive arena, then hop on and grab a seat, as, in this short and well-researched article, you will be going to learn how to switch discord servers in a very simple and easiest manner.

So, we feel that that is enough for the introduction of the article, let us check out the steps in the quick guide.

Quick Guide to Change Server Region on Discord.

These are the steps that will assist you in discord how to switch regions smoothly without any errors or hassles.

  • In order to change the Discord Server region, first, start off by opening Discord and head to the server.


  • After that, you have to hit on the downward arrow situated beside your server, which you will notice at the top of the channel list on the left, and next, hit on “Server Settings”.


  • In this step, you have to tap on the change tab in order to get the answer to your query called how to change the discord server location.

You will find the change tab under the overview tab amongst various server settings, including your current server region.

  • Now, you will notice a list of available locations to which you can switch your discord servers such as India, Europe, and various locations in the United States.


  •  Lastly, choose the Server you wish to change your discord location with and you are good to go.

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