How To Build Popularity In On-demand Market With Gojek Clone App

On-demand apps have enfolded their importance in our lives. They have already become famous because of the features and functionalities that come in-built into the system. If you look a little closer at what makes this application popular, there are three things that you will notice – features, services, and the UI design. So, let’s take a look at everything that works together to make your Gojek clone app Nigeria popular in the on-demand app industry.


The assortment of 82+ on-demand services 

The first thing that your customers will notice is the wide range of services available on your platform. This range extends from common services like food delivery to booking a mechanic and everything in between. Well, to be precise here’s a list of services your customers can book.

  • Taxi booking:  customers can book a taxi ride from X location to Y in the city using their smartphone and also iWatch!
  • Delivery from stores: the users can purchase goods from stores and get them delivered to the door with this service. They can also choose to pay for it online to curb the hassles of cash payments. 
  • On-demand services: the Gojek clone app Nigeria is a digital platform where the users can also book or hire professional services of a doctor, beautician, handyman, babysitter, and even an astrologer.  
  • Courier delivery: your users can send parcels to nearby areas by selecting the cargo vehicle of their choice and also adding multiple delivery points for it. 
  • Delivery genie or Delivery runner: the app users now no longer go out shopping because a professional shopper is available for hire on the app. Also, the users can hire a professional who will run errands for them. 

Lucrative features you cannot miss out on

Next up are the features. These features play an important role in making your app look and work more seamless, providing 100% customer satisfaction. Enlisted below are some of the features that you will find on the on-demand app solution:

  • Covid-19 related features such as face mask verification, restricted number of riders in the taxi, ride cancellation, and safety checklist. 
  • Push notifications to alert the app users about the current status of their order. 
  • The panic button is a safety feature where the user can press the button if they feel threatened. Upon pressing the button, a ‘HELP’ message will be sent to 5 emergency contacts, the local police, and the app admin.

An appealing UI design 

The user interface is crucial to look at because it justifies the appeal of the mobile app. Gojek clone has the most amazing and simple UI design because users of any age can use it. The UI design components that one could see in the app usually involve an accordion, bento menu, breadcrumb, buttons, carousel, checkbox, drop-down, form, a hamburger menu, and so on.


The first step towards establishing your own super app is to look for experts who will help you build it. Usually, building the app from scratch is never on the cards because it takes years plus a huge sum of money. Entrepreneurs don’t prefer this choice and so they go heads up with a pre-built app that is then white-labeled and rebranded to match the company’s name and logo.


There are several white-labeling firms in the market but to choose the best one, the entrepreneur has to do some pretty research. Look for a firm that has already worked on more than 1200+ apps.

Find the experts and start the app development process of your own Gojek clone Nigeria.

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