How to Bet on Cricket in India Legally? What to Know for Legal IPL Betting?

Betting is not something that is new to the world and to us Indians. This has been a practice in use for ages and centuries, especially betting on sports and sporting events. While there was physical betting earlier, now the dynamics have changed since the arrival of the digital age. 

If you are in the know-how then you would be pretty much aware of how offline betting or as we can say physical betting isn’t allowed in India and some other countries as well. The main reason for this could be attributed to the high chances of frauds and scams and mafia-kinds ruling the betting world that could bring upon a dangerous situation to the betting players. However it doesn’t mean that you can’t bet on your favorite sport. Well, this could be tacked going the other route – online betting. 

But, remember that picking online betting platform doesn’t mean that you are safe. There are several other things and aspects that you have to remember and follow including finding the trusted cricket betting sites in India, and much more: 

  • No Physical Betting – But Only Online Betting 

As we have stated it above, you can engage in physical betting in India as it is banned in all forms of physical betting. So, if you are interested in betting and want to take the legal route, then do not think about engaging in physical betting on any sport, of any kind. It is illegal and could prove to be a big legal hurdle for you. Not only that, engaging in physical betting means that you could be scammed off or you may get subjugated by the ones controlling the physical betting scene. The best and safest alternative to it, and the legal way for you to bet in India is online betting. 

  • Know Your State Rules 

There is no law or regulation as such in India that bans online betting. However this doesn’t conform to all the Indian states. In fact, Indian regulation has left it to the individual states to regulate and decide on disallowing online betting on sports through websites or apps. Thereby it is recommended that you check for your particular state rules before starting online betting on IPL and cricket. 

  • Online Betting Doesn’t Mean That You Can’t be Scammed There 

Like with any other field or area which involves monetary transaction, and the volatility of the online medium there is no guarantee that every platform that provides online betting services is a genuine one. There are fraudsters and scams there as well. And therefore it is an onus on you to choose the right one. 

The first and foremost thing to do specific to this is to find out whether that business is registered and where it is registered. Don’t be surprised when you find that the certain business is registered outside of India, as Indian legal regulations don’t allow them to register here. However, even being registered outside of India land jurisdiction they can provide service here online. 

Another thing to note is what is there payment policies, what payment modes, deposit and withdrawals procedures they have. Assess these closely and thoroughly to ascertain that all is legit and transparent. Make sure to look for any red flag that could signal something is wrong with that website or app. 

  • You Can Bet Either on Website or an App 

Some would say that betting on a website is safe while some would say betting on an app is safe. However do remember that both are equally good. It is all about which is legit and which is not. The choice between these two mediums depends entirely on which platform you are comfortable with. If you are able to find a platform where you can engage in online betting either on a website or on their app then that could be a better option. 

Knowing and proceeding keeping the above mentioned factors in mind while picking the right and legal betting apps in India will definitely help you be safe, enjoy your betting and have good chances of winning. 

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