How Tantric Massage Incorporates Elements of Spirituality to Create a Powerful, Connected Experience


A tantric massage incorporates to create a powerful, connected experience that can promote healing and empower individuals in unique ways. The traditional tantric massage focuses on your chakras—energy centers in the body—to help you achieve greater physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Many people think of Tantra as merely a sexual practice, but the holistic discipline, in fact, encompasses all aspects of life. The physical and mental interactions you have with your partner during a session will affect your overall well-being after leaving the room, which is why it’s so important to incorporate some spiritual elements into your session. Learn how this guide ontantric massage incorporates elements of spirituality.

Understand The Meaning of Tantric Massage

The name tantra itself derives from two Sanskrit words: tanoti and trayati. Tanoti means expansion or lengthening, while trayati means liberate. Tantra translates as techniques and methods that expand one’s consciousness, allowing you to find liberation by connecting with a higher power and fulfilling your true potential. In other words – whatever you have imagined it could be, tantra is more.

Since Tantra is an ancient practice that dates back more than 5,000 years, it’s safe to say there have been lots of advances in erotic massage over time. The word tantra stems from Hinduism and Buddhism and means to weave or expand. In Tantric philosophy, energy flows through all things, including humans. By expanding your energy through meditation and breathing techniques before you engage in sexual activity with your partner, you can help create a deeper connection between you both.

What Does Tantric Massage Have To Do With Spirituality?

Although some people might associate tantra only with sexuality, in reality, there are many ways to experience its teachings. In fact, one of these is through tantric massage. The key to understanding how tantric massage incorporates elements of spirituality is understanding what spirituality actually means and why it’s so important. Simply put, spirituality is all about connecting with yourself and others on a deeper level than you ever thought possible. It’s about learning to love every part of yourself, even those parts that may be difficult or unpleasant.

An important function of tantra practice is as a conduit for spiritual energy. During the tantric massage, partners are encouraged to work with each other energetically in order to enhance pleasure. In order to connect to your partner on a deeper level, you need to connect with your own spiritual center (also known as chakra).

Taking the First Step Toward Healing Together

You should understand what makes tantra massage and spirituality different when it comes to their differences. Tantra massage isn’t necessarily religious in nature; however, religion can be part of its foundation. It has more to do with connecting intimately with your partner and understanding how each person responds sexually. This is where spirituality plays a significant role. In many ways, tantra massage incorporates elements of spirituality to create a powerful, connected experience for both partners.

In What Ways Does Tantric Massage Incorporate Spiritual Elements?

Our lives are quite fast-paced and can be an endless blur of schedules and appointments. In order to find balance in our lives, we began incorporating elements of spirituality such as Tantric massage. We believe that these activities foster connections between mind, body, and spirit. Tantric massage is known for its ability to slow down time and create a powerful experience for both parties involved. It is important to note that not all forms of tantra incorporate sexual acts, but some do.

Tantric massage spiritually aligns with both partners in many ways. For example, it requires that you remove your clothing and be present in that moment. It’s not about what you look like or how much money you have; it’s about having an open mind and allowing yourself to experience each other without judgment.

The experience is heightened with candles and incense. The environment is set up in such a way that you are able to immerse yourself in each other’s presence altogether. This can be pretty difficult for many people because we often find ourselves living in our heads rather than our bodies.

What Does a Tantric Session Look Like?

When you book an appointment for a tantric massage with a licensed practitioner, you’ll need to prepare by bringing along any medications or other items that may help reduce stress and relax. Your massage therapist might need to move around a lot so be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing. You’ll be asked to sign a waiver acknowledging that you understand what tantra is about—that there will be sexual components—and consenting to allow it during your session. London Tantric offers private rooms in addition to their open sessions, which are held weekly. In these sessions, couples can participate together while being led through breathing exercises and bodywork techniques designed to bring them closer together physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In a tantric session, couples are asked to undress and lie down on mats. They’re given eye pillows so they can block out light, and their hands are placed on their chests. The divas will then begin by working with one partner at a time.


In today’s fast-paced world, most people don’t have enough time in their schedules for personal growth or connecting with others on an emotional level. Tantric massage is one way to help you get there. It incorporates elements of spirituality into your daily life that can help you connect with your partner on a deeper level, as well as yourself. You will learn new ways to communicate with each other that won’t leave either party feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled.

This concept can be applied to sensual massages as well. If you give yourself time to connect spiritually with your partner and focus on pleasuring them instead of focusing on getting off yourself, you’ll experience a much deeper and more connected experience during the massage. You’ll also notice how much better it feels when they return the favor!

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