How E-Commerce Business can Apply for PSG

Singapore is the leading country for e-commerce business as it has high-speed internet. The country also has a robust transportation infrastructure and the best banking system. Singapore ranks high on the global Business index. During the pandemic, Singapore grants have helped a lot of SMEs to grow with some grants such as PSG. The government of Singapore is well aware of the potential economic loss because of the deadly coronavirus disease. The government wants the e-commerce business sector to move on from the raving effects of COVID-19.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) for Xero:

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) for Xero

The PSG plays a role in modern IT equipment and other help to the businesses to boost their productivity. By filling this form you can take advantage of PSG to grow your brand.

  1. Login Portal

First, register your e-commerce business with Corp Pass and click on the register. Provide your ID and password.

  1. PSG Account Login

After login into Corp Pass,  login into Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) account. You will see other options to edit the profile, go for a new grant or apply.

  1. Select Industry Sector – E-commerce Business

The window will request you to choose the sector of your business.

  1. Select Grant

Now you will see the option that includes the adoption of technology, critical business areas, improvement, and raising the standards.

  1. Choose The Grant Type

In the next section, you need to provide a description of the company you will develop by using the PSG grant. You can include services such as human capital development, branding, and marketing, finance management, productivity solutions.

  1. Proceed Tab

This has some vital information that you must know about the requirements required for completing the grant application. You will need the required things in grant application attachments and the profile should not be more than 50 MBs in size.

  1. Verification

The page includes things for you to meet certain requirements. You must check if you meet the eligibility criteria. Verify everything and tick the yes option to get eligible for the grant.

  1. Provide Business Information of your E-commerce Business

If you are eligible for the PSG, you have to fill in the contact details.

  1. The Purchasing Cost

This includes the delivery, installation, and training charges. You need to know the instalments and the amount will be on the invoice.

  1. Declarations and Acknowledgement

It is important to go through the consent and acknowledgment. Click ‘review.’ to read. This will register for the PSG grant.

11: Submit the Application

After everything is complete, make the final declaration and click the ‘submit’ icon.

Singapore is the best hub for doing e-commerce business. The country offers one of the best environments that enable the working of e-commerce companies at ease. PSG business grant is possible for the e-commerce companies in Singapore and for those who are eligible for this grant. SMEs will receive funding support through various payment options for e-commerce business in Singapore. Eligible businesses can apply for the PSG within the timeframe and can enjoy higher accessibility to funding and better IT solutions.

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Un-wrapping the Tips to Help You Select the Correct Accounting Software for your E-commerce Business

In past days, people used to maintain large books in the process to keep their hand-written records safe. Undoubtedly, the process was quite complex and thus asks for maximum patience and human power to make it done. Well, it was a quite stressful process. But, not anymore, because in today’s time, with advanced technologies it has become easy for the businesses to manage their financial data. This is the reason, today most companies opt for the finest accounting software to keep a pretty good track to their accounts.

By opting for the finest accounting software, the companies can get the best benefits of the correct accounting services. The accounting software can help in the reduction of human error that might be found while working on the paper.

4 tips To Choose the Right Accounting Software for your E-commerce Business

Well, there is numerous options available in the market that claims to be best for you. However, below are some of the tips that can claim to be of your great help in the process of selecting out the correct accounting software.

  1. Take both your needs and accounting skills into the consideration- the best idea for searching for the finest accounting software is to keep yourself aware of the accounting skills that you may require in the future. Depending on your industry, you can customize your services and thus can have the maximum benefits of it.
  2. Search for the cloud applications- it won’t be wrong saying that cloud applications can deliver their clients with the maximum number of benefits. It can be accessed from any location as long as you have strong internet connectivity. Thus be at your comfort zone and turn your work into an enjoying moment.
  3. Decide your budget and work accordingly- undoubtedly, in every business, the budget plays a crucial role. Thus, by keeping this scenario in a mind, it becomes an important aspect to keep your budget as a prior concern. However, many softwares can be downloaded for free while some ask for the charges depending upon your requirements and the needs.
  4. Add-on features can be the bonus to your application- having a little extra feature can never go wrong. The add-ons can bring extra functionality to the business accounting applications by turning your complex accounting methods into a smooth simplified form.

Xero is the Best Accounting Software for E-Commerce Business

These are some of the tips that can work as a gem in the process to help you choose the best. While, when we talk about the best account software, then without a doubt, the Xero SGcan be your most favourable choice. The Xero accountingsoftware can turn your stressful accounting schedules into the easiest task.

Thus, if you are a person searching for the help to improve your e-commerce business growth, then improving the accounting methods can be your one good start, where the Xero SG can promise to be of your great help.

Give us, the Xero SG a chance to give your business dreams a high fly.

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