How Do You Know if You Need a Commercial Electrician?

Most any business, store, or office building is going to need commercial electrical services eventually. The reason may be a good one, such as expansion or a big facelift at a restaurant. More often, you’ll have an electrical problem or potential problem that needs prompt, expert attention. Those situations call for the services of a trained and licensed commercial electrician. What are the signs you have an electrical problem? How do you find the right commercial electrical company? This blog answers those questions.
Signs That You Need a Commercial Electrician
Sometimes the signs of trouble are obvious. A piece of equipment shuts down or won’t power up at all, to cite a couple of examples. Other indicators of impending trouble include:
·         Burning smell. Any faint smell of burning plastic, or the sharp smell of ozone, indicates an urgent electrical problem.
·         Flickering light. If one light flickers or won’t light up fully, that’s probably a bad light bulb. If several lights in one area, such as the office or restroom flicker, you probably have a wiring issue.
·         Outlets that don’t work. A wall outlet may not work at all, which is a sign someone didn’t finish wiring up the space. If an outlet worked and one or more plugs stopped working, there is a problem.
·         Hot spots on equipment. An internal problem may be causing a motor or another component to overheat, creating that hot spot you felt. If the insulation on some internal wiring wore out, this could be why there is a hot spot too. Turn off the appliance and get it serviced by a commercial electrician.
·         Blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers. Sometimes those things happen, but if they are a repeated occurrence, you probably want to call a professional electrician.
·         Switches that fail. If a light switch doesn’t work, this is a sign someone didn’t finish the electrical work in the building. If the switch worked before, then there is almost certainly an electrical problem buried in the wall. The same is true for motion sensors that no longer respond.Some of these electrical problems are a safety hazard so don’t delay. If anything electrical needs attention in your business, you want to hire the right contractor and soon.
Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs Attention
The signs of trouble here are similar to the signs described above. In addition to circuit breakers tripping or fuses blowing, you want to be alert for a burning smell. Here are some additional signs of electrical panel problems:
·         Physical damage. A shallow scratch or scrape is one thing, but any sign of the panel being deformed or punctured is a sign you need a commercial electrician.
·         Rust. If the outside is rusty, the inside probably isn’t in great shape anymore.
·         Noise. If the electrical panel makes noise or makes a new kind of noise, something is probably close to failing inside.
If your fuse box, junction box, or other similar fixture shows any of those signs, call us to have one of our commercial electricians check it out.
Rely on Commercial Electrical Specialists
Many industrial and commercial electrical jobs are well beyond the skills of a do-it-yourself. Those electrical systems often call for a different skillset from what someone needs to troubleshoot and repair residential electrical systems. The company that wired up your finished basement may not be qualified to handle a convenience store or an industrial electrical machine.
Don’t Ignore Signs of Electrical Problems
Your business should experience a few electrical problems, but if something does seem to be wrong, don’t ignore it. Numerous signs indicate your wiring, fuse box, outlets, or electrical equipment needs the attention of a professional electrician. Contact the commercial electrical experts at Schaffhouser.

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