How do I permanently get rid of stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear on the body and are a kind of scar that mainly appears on the hips, breast, and stomach. In other words, these are long narrow stripes that develop on the skin. It is common to have when one reaches puberty or due to pregnancy.

Have you just delivered a child and are in pain due to those bloody scars on your stomach? To help yourself, the initial thing you can do is to maintain a healthy diet and help keep your body hydrated to an excessive level. Water wonders can never be denied.

Do stretch marks go away?

No! Stretch marks no matter what fade away with time. However, you may come across a large number of treatments, all of them help in lightening them.

Without a doubt, one can never get rid of it permanently. But there are natural remedies that can help in making them less visible in a year or half. Check out some of the effective home remedies to permanently get rid of stretch marks to an extent;

Lemon and baking soda

When you use the two-ingredient and prepare the mask, this may be one of the fastest ways to get rid of stretch marks. Lemon does carry the bleaching effect that can help in making the marks less visible. It is also ideal to rub fresh lemon on the affected area to get the right outcome.

Olive oil, castor oil, and argan oil

Olive oil is an amazing moisturizer and none of it works the way it does. Its antioxidant properties make it an exceptional option that helps repair the skin from every damage. When cold-pressed olive oil is applied to the stretch marks, this is known to fade them over time.

Castor oil is also one of the amazing ingredients when it comes to removing stretch marks. There is some evidence that this has been proved to be an effective option. When opted for and having it massaged in a circular motion clockwise and anti-clockwise, this helps in showing their wonderful results. To get the best, it is also ideal to cover it with a piece of thin cloth and offer it some amount of heat via the pad. When done regularly, the chances to get rid of stretch marks in a week may rise.

Similarly, Argan oil is rich in vitamin E which helps in increasing skin elasticity. When choosing to rub it, this serves as healing medicine for the broken skin tissues, making the marks fade.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel can be considered a magical ingredient for people with skin diseases. For effective results, just cut down the leaf and extract the gel. Apply the gel over the affected area and let it rest for the next few hours. Wash away.

**Do you know that it becomes harder to deal with stretch marks that reach maturity. Even if you choose to opt for any remedy, make sure it has been opted for before a year passes to the stretch marks.

Luckily, they are not painful so either if one does not bother having them removed doesn’t matter at all. But a neat and clean body is always a desire and looking for ways to permanently get rid of stretch marks is a normal thing. If you are to get married soon, it is better to opt for ways to fade them for an enhanced sexual feel among your partner!

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