To feel comfortable when you smile or laugh in public, you can have dental veneers. This solution has an aesthetic purpose and is carried out by a specialist who is of course not necessarily a dentist. It is a kind of prosthesis made from ceramics that aims to improve your smile. Funds invested in such an intervention may be refunded.

Why have dental veneers?

Dental veneers are materials designed in the shape of shells. It is a very thin coating of about 0.5 mm that is placed on the visible or outer side of the tooth to improve its appearance. Although the purpose is aesthetic, this intervention allows the patient who has undergone it to feel free and at ease with his smile. Generally, certain circumstances or situations push people to decide to have dental veneers. 

For example, this pose is done when teeth whitening leaves something to be desired or is not enough. You can also resort to this solution in case of bad positioning of the teeth. In this case, the veneer is cut in good shape to make them look better. In case of bad teeth, you can also decide to put the dental veneers. It can be a broken, stained, or even damaged tooth.

How to get a dental veneer?

Dental veneers are custom-cut for each person. Usually, their acquisition is made to order from a supplier. The latter can be a laboratory or a dental technician. Some laboratories are often specialized in the field of the manufacture of prostheses and offer you parts suitable for your needs and according to your budget. Nevertheless, the advice of a dentist may be useful to you. 

Getting reimbursed for dental veneers, how does it work?

Dental veneers can cost a small fortune to acquire. Generally, their installation on the tooth is not supported by social security, since the purpose is not therapeutic. However, there are other strategies to help you get reimbursed after your veneers have been fitted.

The installation of dental veneers is not a treatment for therapeutic purposes, social security, therefore, does not cover it. All health insurance companies do not cover the placement of the aesthetic shell of the teeth either. Before deciding to undergo such an intervention, it is best to reread your insurance contract carefully so as not to be surprised at the last minute.

To obtain dental veneers, you can cover the expenses yourself or subscribe to mutual health insurance. Therefore, only mutual insurance companies can reimburse you for the installation of your dental veneer. Depending on the contract signed with the mutual insurance company, coverage may be total or partial.

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