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How Artificial Intelligence Has Become Disruptive Technology?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the capability of an arithmetical computer or a robot that is organized by the computer to perform specified tasks that are usually linked with intellectual beings. We can say those tasks that are to be handled and done by humans. The term “Artificial Intelligence” is associated with the development of an intelligent system that is actually related to human beings. AI has become a disruptive technology. The intellectual aspects of AI include the ability of reasoning, discovering, generalizing and learning from past experiences. Computers can be designed and programmed for carrying out complex tasks. These include playing and identifying, exploring things and having proofs for complex equations or formulas.

These tasks are to be done with great proficiency. Despite the fact that technology has been enhanced over the past many years and robots have been given with the charge of running a system like a smart home. Still, there is much improvement needed because artificial intelligence can’t compete with exact human flexibility and everyday knowledge in different domains. By keeping in view the achievements of the past year, we can say that this disruptive technology has brought a lot in the world of information technology and more wonders are ahead in this field.

Today AI seems to be the next big thing in different industries where IT has played a vital role. A lot of hype has been created through all these years when these intelligent computers and robot started performing the tasks. From Google Maps to face detection, from counting calories taken in a day to calculate the BMI, from smart kitchens to smart vehicles, artificial intelligence has been infiltrated every sector and transferred the tasks that computers handle and give the optimum results. Here we will discuss some important and interesting aspects of AI that make it a disruptive technology in today’s world.


Artificial intelligence has been proved to be a great advancement in technology. It is a game changer in the world of health by improving this industry virtually. Be it surgery assisted by robots to the mobile healthcare centre, it has changed the world of healthcare with updated and modern ways of tackling healthcare matters. AI seems to be a disruptive technology as it gives the medical industry a much-needed turn to bring significant changes. Virtual assistants in the medical field give the nurses 20% of their time back and the workflow of the doctors has been reduced. AI is also used for healthcare programs in underdeveloped nations.


Artificial intelligence and the finance industry have been working together for a long. The financial sector relies on accurate results and real time reporting process for quantitative data. From making decisions on the basis of counting to set the standardized quantitative data with proper sheets, AI excels in all areas and it is still occupying most of the financial industry with its modern and updated growth methods. Robo-advisor is one of the biggest financial updates and trends in the year 2018.

It is an automated portfolio manager that used artificial intelligence and algorithms for scanning of data in the markets. On the basis of preferences, it predicts the best stock of portfolio. Wealth management firms are having robo-advisors because of the fact that not only it saves money and time of both client and the company. However, it brings great results that are to be proved as the smart ways of managing the data in wealth management firms. This is how AI has become a disruptive technology in financial industries.

Travel and Transportation:

According to a dissertation help firm, artificial intelligence is becoming a significant aspect in the industry of travel and transportation. When you are on your way to your office, AI guides you thoroughly by suggesting the best route. From making travel arrangements to predicting the next lane rush on the main highway, AI is making things easier to get around. More than 70% of the people claim that they arrange their trips. They search for the hotels and mega attractions as well as landmarks and restaurants on their mobile phones.

AI allows the travel industry to facilitate the people by interacting with them for faster response to their queries and booking details. If you want to go to Europe, you can easily arrange the trip through your smartphone by searching for the major attractions and booking the best hotels in your desired area. It becomes easy by observing what the other people have already searched for. With the help of their given reviews, selection of hotels and other arrangements are now easy to do. This disruptive technology has made travelling easier than before.

Social Media:

Artificial intelligence has become a great deal in the form of social media platforms. More than 2.77 billion active profiles are present on different platforms of social media like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. AI is highly valuable and has been proven as a disruptive technology on social media as billions of users experience the social media sites at a time. AI has the ability to organize massive data in form of images and profiles, etc. Along with its great impacts on social media sites, advanced machine learning is critical for the industry that is under pressure for the aspects like hate speeches and fake news.


AI has everything to do when it comes to eCommerce. Online business has just made the life of so many people easy by offering what they need at their doorstep. Your favourite dress is just one click away. All you have to do is to open the website, choose your desired dress and place an order for quick delivery. When machine learning is implemented into eCommerce, it makes the companies able to build relationships with their customers within no time.

Companies use AI to deploy chatbots and to gather data for selling and purchasing purpose. It creates more beneficial and customer-centric eCommerce experience through this disruptive technology. For example, Amazon is the greatest source of online purchasing. From the company’s recommendation regarding the selection of products to ship the products, Amazon uses AI in every step of its process.

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