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Guide to Buying the Right Australian Art

Australia is a land of various art pieces and paintings. With artists pouring their experience, passion, and talent into every brush stroke, the continent is home to many artists, each specialising in different art forms and compiling a portfolio of diverse Australian art. The beauty about art is that art pieces make the perfect wall art decoration, adding flavour, personality, and colour to your room. However, since the kind of art you display in your space should reflect your personality, not every artist or art style will suit your taste. Picking the right art style, especially with various options, might seem overwhelming. Hopefully, this guide to Australian art and artists will help you choose the right painting for your home.

What are the Different Types of Australian Art?

There are two main types of Australian art styles:

  • Contemporary Art: Contemporary art is the “modern” interpretation of art forms, such as paintings, sculptures, performance art, photography etc. It is often known as “subjective art” as the paintings depend on the artists’ perspectives and viewer interpretation. Contemporary art is also a popular and effective way of promoting local artists. Some renowned Australian contemporary artists are Mel Brigg, Ken Knight, Palla Jeroff, Johnny K, Emily Persson, etc.
  • Aboriginal Art: A group of Indigenous Australian who are native to the continent made art using carvings, paintings, and natural landscapes, known as aboriginal art. Aboriginal art is one of the world’s oldest art forms. Some renowned Australian aboriginal artists are Minnie Pwerle, Emily Kngwarreye, Ningura Napurrula, Debra McDonald, Barbara Weir, etc.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Art

Buying art for your home is a very personal decision, as it sets the tone of your room. Various factors come into account when purchasing art for your house, such as:

Thorough Research

There is no single art form, and there is not just a single artist creating thousands of art pieces daily. Art styles include natural landscapes, sculptures, abstract art, and portraits, to name a few. Before choosing art for your room, read about different artists and art styles to understand which art form speaks to you and would complement your home’s ambience.

Pick the Right Spot

Your art piece deserves to be displayed in the best spot. Do not pick the first blank wall you see in your house. Find an area where your art would be visible but won’t steal all the attention – unless that is your goal. The ideal places to display extravagant, huge, and fancy art pieces are bedrooms, hallways, or living rooms. However, if you have set your sights on a smaller piece, you can always place it in the kitchen or the bathroom. Smaller art pieces would only add to a bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.


After picking an ideal spot for your painting, ensure it is not directly exposed to the sunlight, as paintings tend to fade when exposed to sunlight for a long time. Keeping your art piece in a covered area with natural lighting is advisable.

Your Budget

Pick an art piece that fits your budget without compromising on its quality. With the diversity of Australian art, buy a painting that accommodates your budget and caters to your taste.

Final Thoughts

Australian art is one of the finest art collections in the world. When picking an art piece for your home, whether it is contemporary art or aboriginal art, ensure you have researched various art forms and chosen the right spot for the painting

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