Guide to 3D Animation Course – Skills, Eligibility Criteria, and Job Prospects


With the growth of VFX and other entertainment sectors, animation courses have become an excellent choice. To become an animator, a bachelors’ degree or diploma in animation is vital. If you wish to take up 3D animation and motion graphics, know more details about courses, eligibility requirements, and job opportunities.


Animation is the practice of creating a virtual world wherein everything is visualized and created from imagination. The 3D animator brings a creative universe and characters to life while everything within the frame has a meaning and widespread scope.

A career in 3D animation and motion graphics is the most sought-after option these days. With popular movies like Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age, and others, prospects for the animation industry seem quite bright and promising. 3D animation courses are a perfect blend of entertainment industry and technology, dealing with the design, layout, and production of attractive graphics and multimedia clips.

Overview of the 3D Animation Industry

Animation is a multi-billion-dollar sector, which has produced great employment scope and career opportunities across a spectrum of profiles, ranging from technology-based jobs and game designing to visual effect supervisors, 3D modelers, and character animators.

3D animation is a revolutionary sphere with a more immersive and realistic animated experience. This is commonly used in feature films, interactive commercials, and marketing resources. It has a significant role to play in fields like medicine, archaeology, and architecture.

To become a well-trained and qualified animator, the first step is to join a diploma course in 3D animation. The curriculum designed for students gives them expert training, learning experience, and certification in a specific area of specialization, such as lighting, visual effects, animation, etc. For doing BBA in animation, you will need to choose the best BBA college in Durgapur or elsewhere to equip the candidate with the necessary design and skillset that could be utilized in the emerging industry.

Skills Required

  • If you have a passion for creativity, the animation is the best career path
  • You need to have good imaginative thinking, sketching, and drawing skills
  • Understand the expressions of human beings, birds, animals, and others
  • Exceptional visualization skills and flair for using colors
  • Hard work, determination, and patience
  • Teamwork and communication skills

Eligibility Requirements for Animation Courses

  • Applicants who passed class 12th in any stream can apply for animation courses
  • Minimum 10+2 cleared with 50% of marks can apply
  • Applicants appearing for the 12th examination can also apply

Job Prospects in Animation

Job opportunities in animation have been increasing at a fast pace as the entertainment and gaming industry is at its development stage. Below are some of the profiles you can apply for after doing the animation course:

  • Animator
  • Game designer
  • 3D/2D animator
  • Texture artist
  • Image editor
  • Lighting artist
  • Keyframe animator
  • Digital ink and paint artist
  • Special effect artist
  • Character animator
  • Compositor
  • Rendering artist
  • Rigging artist

Choose the Top Design and Digital Institute in India

If you’re looking for a comprehensive learning model that blends with business, design, marketing, and technology, SDM is one of the best design and digital institutes in India. Professional diploma courses in Durgapur prepares learners for rigorous digital-integrated academics, new-age career opportunities, and brings purpose to their education.

SDM works with cutting-edge technology, a traditional form of art, and a custom-designed solution to equip students with the best management and animation skills. They provide hands-on experience and training with the latest software, excellent placements, and project-based and experimental learning.


For applicants willing to pave their way through the 3D animation field, the first step is to join a good 3D animation and motion graphics course equipped with the right software, tools, and technologies.

The diploma courses in the 3D animation program by SDM are among the popular courses offered at the 1-year diploma level. It encompasses the study of animation in film, television, broadcast, games, and design.

About the Author:

SDM is a reputed design and digital institute in India that aims to nurture young minds and bring a positive change in the education and career route. A variety of courses are offered, including a diploma in digital engineering, AI and data science, UGPD + BBA, fashion design, 3D animation, and motion graphics.

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