Gamified reward programs help you improve your VIP customer experience. Here’s how?

Whether you’re in the wholesale or retail sector, you’ve heard of the term “gamification.” Even if you’ve never heard of the term, chances are you’ve dealt with or engaged in some form of gamification, especially if you’ve lately bought online. Gaming reward is a tactic that many eCommerce companies are using to boost their online sales. What began as a fad has soon become a hot topic in the world of rewards and retention marketing! Truly so, considering gamified reward programs appear to be pervasive, with an increasing number of rewards programs across many industries implementing it into their eCommerce structures and reaping the benefits it provides.

Knowing gamified isn’t enough until you don’t realize that a gamification loyalty program may also improve your VIP customer experience.

3 Ways to implement a gamification reward program to increase customer VIP experience

Explainer Page can Boost Enrollment

All you have to do is use a well-designed VIP explainer page to clearly define the benefits of your program. This explainer page is comparable to a gaming manual in that it entices customers to play by presenting them with the necessary instructions. Your explainer page should be easily readable and accessible to every customer. That is, it should be simple to locate. The purpose of your explainer page should be to inform your consumers about the advantages of your VIP program.

Rush the Repeat Purchases

Customers must be motivated to spend more or spend more frequently in order to attain higher tiers in a VIP program to be genuinely effective. This is why the number one goal of many programs is to increase repeat sales. The trick, of course, is to persuade them to make repeat purchases from your store. Customers are far more inclined to pursue and keep higher tier status in your VIP loyalty program if they can see both where they are now and how far they need to go.

Stimulate Brand Exposure

Customers who follow your brand on social media, share your services, and provide product reviews on social channels should be rewarded. This will result in high-quality user-generated content (UGC). These acts contribute to your online brand identification and provide vital social evidence that can make the difference between new shoppers checking out your store and passing it up. Especially as more people use social media to learn more details about a company.


If you grasp the rules of the game, a gamification loyalty program may be a very effective tool for business boosting. You may use gamification to boost your repeat purchase rate, increase your program enrollment rate, and build influential brand champions who will take your program to the next level by using your program’s goals and the psychological reasons that underpin them. Do you want to take a gamified, win-win approach to your loyalty program? Novus Loyalty has all of the greatest techniques and methodologies for developing and implementing fantastic Gamified loyalty programs.

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