Funds Lost in a Crypto Scam Can be Recovered

Do you wonder why online scams are increasing immensely? Maybe due to the shift towards an online system. Initially businesses were conducted through personal meetings, now the virtual system has provided ease to business people. After being scammed, I did immense research to find a way out. I came across EzChargeback. They helped me from the very first stage of being scammed till I recovered my money back. 

What is Crypto Scam? 

The scammers gain private information and details of the users.Taking advantage of information they have, hack and steal users’ financial assets. The investors put in their investments on the crypto platform to pursue their business, some join crypto as the purchasers – buying products and goods. 


People have reported to lose around $80 million by 2020. FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, has given a figure of 68000 complaints being reported. Last year, $14 billion money had been scammed, the figure has turned 9 digits as scammers find it easier and less threatening to be caught through online fraud. 

How Do Crypto Scams Work?

The scammers have different strategies to trap investors and users in their tactics. 

Crypto Investment Scam

The offers made by brokers play an important role in investors’ decisions to invest. Some brokers present a 1000% return offer which leads to investors being very much attracted. They invest and keep watching their money rise on crypto screens. However, when they decide to withdraw money. They find it difficult to get their money out.The broker disappears and the victim discovers he/she has been scammed. 

Crypto Phishing Scam

Phishing is an illicit way of getting access to the personal information of users. The scammers use this tactic to mostly blackmail the users. They send an email anonymously to an investor with different pursuing content. It could be a gift-away, cash prize, or investing offer. They make sure to convince the user to click on the link they have attached with the email. As soon as they click on the link, their laptop or mobile gets hacked, and the scammer gets full access to their personal information. The scammers use codes of bank accounts to steal the money, or they get access to the business activities of users. Further, they blackmail the user into joining them and working under their leadership, pursuing this illegal and illegitimate field. The links are not merely restricted to emails, you could also discover them on various social media accounts. 

Romance Scam on Crypto Platform

Romance scam has been reported to be a cause of 20% of the scams on the crypto currency. The partners that met on the different dating sites pursue you to invest in crypto.They mostly convince you by telling you they have been using it for long, and that they are making great figure digit money through it. Thus, they help them in the entire process. Later, the victim discovers that they were not helping them rather preparing the bait for him. They make sure you follow their process which makes them have full access to your account. Once you have made a good digit amount, they block your site and steal all your money. 

How To Recover From Funds

Ez charge has provided full help in the recovery process along with increasing my scam knowledge. 

Report The Complaint

The investor should file a complaint first of all. Should have legal records and support to catch the scammers and recover the money. Rush to a nearby police station to make sure they have your back. Or else governments have assigned different authorities to work on scam and frauds those who have technologies and skills required to catch scammers. Further, they help in collecting the evidence against the scammers, and also trace him/her. 

Contact your Banks   

The main purpose of scammers is to steal financial assets.Therefore, investors should make sure to protect the business and personal assets in the bank. Contact the bank authorities and inform them of the situation so they take immediate actions to protect your money. 

Check Malware Software in Your gadgets

It is essential that scammers do not have access to your gadgets so your actions and steps are not being monitored. Otherwise, scammers would always be a step ahead and difficult to be caught.  Further, they will keep using your details for their illicit purpose. 

Moving On

The crypto scam, like all other scams is immensely threatening. It targets investors’ financial assets, privacy and business. EzChargeback has been playing a crucial role in assisting and protecting people from being scammed. Further, they spread awareness regarding how it works and how it affects the victims. Recovering money without the skills and knowledge of Ez Charge would have been another pessimistic and hopeless ride for me.


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