Free Astrology Predictions To Have A Prosperous Married Life

Free astrology predictions are the tool where we can enter our birth details like the date of birth, the month of birth, and the birth year. Online astrology service for marriage gives us accurate marriage prediction free of cost. There are many online astrology service platforms like Suvich where we can get accurate astrology predictions free as well as free horoscope predictions. Nowadays, free astrology predictions have made our task a lot easier when it comes to marriage matching and finding the perfect match.

Marriage in India is considered to be a holy bond between the bride and the groom. So, to have a prosperous married life ahead, it is very important to find the perfect and suitable match and then get married.

Let us see what criteria should be considered and checked to find the perfect match in order to avoid marriage issues or separation.

The Navamsha or the D9 Chart:-

The Navamsha chart also known as the D9 chart plays a very important role when it comes to marriages and match making. The word ‘Navamsha’ is a combination of two words ‘Nine’ which means ‘9’ and ‘Amsa’ which means ‘division’ So, in easier language, it signifies the 9th division of a particular sign. This chart helps us to check the strength of the planets in the horoscope. It particularly helps us in all the spheres related to marriage and also helps in predicting the perfect time for marriage. Furthermore, it highlights the issues in marriage and thereby helps us to overcome delays in marriages.

Guna Milan:-

It is used to match the compatibility between the horoscope of the bride and the groom. It helps to check the compatibility, stability, and longevity of the marriage between the boy and the girl who are preparing for marriage.

There are eight Ashta Koota where certain points are allocated to each one of the categories.









So, the total points in all the gunas sum up to 36. For marriage to be a happy one minimum of 18 gunas out of 36 gunas must match. The important aspects which are included in these 18 gunas are durability and longevity of the marriage, compatibility of the mindset, and Manglik dosh. It also shows us the possibilities of being contrary to each other. The match of their approach and behavior, children, physical health, and sexual compatibility.

Manglik Dosh:-

If an individual has Mars placed in the second, fourth, seventh, eighth? or in the twelfth house in the Ascendant, then that individual is said to have Manglik dosh. Since Mars is considered to be the planet of war, Manglik dosh creates issues in married life. They go through mental stress, tension, unhappiness, discomfort, and even divorce. Most of these people are unable to enjoy their married life. When Mars is placed in the second house! it creates a lot of troubles in the person’s personal as well as professional life.

When Mars is placed in the fourth house it creates serious issues in professional life. They will have unstable jobs and will not be satisfied with his/her life. The person will also have financial problems in his/her life. Whereas, if Mars is placed in the seventh house, the person tends to stay irritated, frustrated, and short-tempered. The person will have high energy and this is the reason why the person will be most aggressive. The person will have a lot of quarrels and fights with the family members and his/her partner.

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