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5 Famous Exotic Teas From Around The World

This world is full of flavours. There are enormous different delicious dishes and drinks around the world. There are many cuisines and drinks which are very popular and food lovers visit these countries just to have a bite. One of the most popular and commonly served drinks in the world, especially in Asia, is tea. Each tea has a unique and scrumptious taste. Studies say that there are also many benefits of drinking tea. It’s not wrong to say that the world is separated by boundaries but united by tea.

So this article is for tea lovers who want to experience the taste of the world in a cup of tea. Here we present to you five famous exotic teas from around the world.

Do Hong Pao Tea

Do Hong Pao or popularly known as the big red robe is one of the best teas around the world which is only produced in China. It’s a Wuyi rock tea as it is grown in the Wuyi mountain. This tightly roped shaped tea is sweet and even after drinking it, you can feel the sweetness for a while. It contains caffeine, theophylline, tea polyphenols and flavonoids which makes it healthy. It helps in maintaining blood pressure, oedema and water retention. If you have bad habits of drinking or smoking it also helps to reduce it. People often don’t know how many ounces in a cup.

Black Forest Cake Pu-Erh Tea

Pu-Erh Tea is a traditional fermented cake tea which is produced in China. After brewing it’s black so it is also known as dark tea. It has a smooth, smokey mushroom-like taste. It has various health care benefits as it helps in losing weight, improves cholesterol and enhances liver condition. It also prevents and kills cancer cells but excess intake of it can be harmful and may have serious threats to life.

Dragon Well Tea

Dragon well tea or also known by its originating place Longjing tea is a type of Pan-roasted green tea which is produced in Longjing Village, China. It is very rich, fresh and has a slightly bitter taste. There are several benefits of this tea like it works like a magic for digestion and weight loss. It helps in eliminating cancer, night blindness and early ageing signs. It also prevents the tooth from decaying and reduces tiredness instantly, lowers blood pressure and helps in reducing cholesterol. It doesn’t have many side effects on the body. Have you ever wondered how many ml in a shot?

Insect Poop Tea

Insect poop tea is a form of tea in which the tea leaves are first fed to the insects and then the remaining part is used in brewing. This tea is rich in vitamins, proteins and Amino acids which have many benefits. It helps in digestion and controlling cholesterol and blood pressure. It is also used as a medicine in some cases like fever. It is one of the most expensive teas around the world.

Matcha Tea

This East Asian traditional tea is a finely ground powder form of green tea leaves. Instead of brewing, this tea is prepared by adding the tea powder to hot water or milk. Best Financing for Affordable Housing It has a pleasant savoury taste. It has a wide variety of health benefits like it prevents chronic disease as it contains antioxidants, protects our liver and protects from cancer. It also boosts our heart and brain functioning. It also contains very less caffeine due to which we can have more than two cups a day.

These are some of the most delectable native teas which will leave their taste on your tongue forever.

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