Essential Things That Can Drive Customer Purchase Decisions

Customers always conduct online research before purchasing a product or service – especially in the current times. They always compare products and companies for optimal decisions. Being a marketer, you should understand what customers are looking for and what factors can influence their purchasing decisions. If you want to win over customers, it would be best to understand essential things that can drive customer purchase decisions. You will find these fundamental aspects at every corner, and embedding them in your marketing strategies would be perfect. Keep walking with us to know more!

Driving factors of customer purchase decisions:

Understanding what influences a purchase decision is vital to let your brand expand its reach. If you want to tap new areas and attract new customers with your offerings, you better think like your audience. Once you get into their brains, designing strategies will be easier. Here are a few points you should go through that can drive customer purchase decisions.

1. Products reviews matter a lot:

Recent studies have shown that people always read reviews before about a particular product or service before purchasing it. People always trust online reviews and regularly read them about what they are about to add to their cart. Being a marketer, you will always find a solid correlation between a product’s reviews stars and the number of orders.

Being a marketer, you should focus on this aspect and consider collecting reviews on your website. These reviews can increase your click-through rates by a considerable percentage, making your website stand out. When it comes to pleasing your customers and forcing them to purchase your products/services, reviews will help you.

2. People look for buying recommendations:

Customers will never trust your words, no matter how sophisticated they are. They will always settle for mixed sources like social media and friends/relatives to gather buying recommendations. Talking about these sources, you will come across plenty, and some of them are enlisted here.

  • Using company website
  • Face-to-face conversation with product users
  • Face-to-face talk with the salesperson

People always love to consult with others before purchasing. Being a marketer, you can focus on gathering people for an interactive yet creative session where prospects can meet your customers. An experiential event could be a perfect venue for this, and you should ask an experiential event agency Dubai for help!

3. The crowd leads the way:

You might have many satisfied customers purchasing from you, but don’t you think of expansion? Of course, you do! Why not use your current customers to make new ones? As discussed in the previous point, throwing an event and inviting all your satisfied customers as guests will pave the way for new prospects. Once they connect, they will talk more about your brand and products/services.

You can also mimic the market/industry trend and ensure your audience that you are up-to-date in your marketing approaches. If you succeed in catching crowds, it will catch more crowds for your event, and your success will be inevitable.

4. Flooring influence:

“When a person stands on a carpeted flooring, it feels comforting. But the irony is that when people stand on carpet, they will judge products that are close to them as less comforting,” – says Meyers-Levy. If marketers want to persuade their retail customers to buy their story, you should also focus on your store flooring as it is a driving factor.

Flooring always sparks emotional factors in a purchase decision, and marketers should understand this. Using a mix of hard flooring and soft carpets inside your store will increase your sales chances.

5. Social media’s influence:

Customers are more likely to purchase products and services from brands they are associated with on social media platforms. Being a marketer, if you want to turn browsers into purchasers, you should capitalize on social media. A brand on social media platforms is highly likely to produce more sales than one that is not.

Social media might help you find loyal customers in the online world, but the process is too slow. It is a relationship-building activity, and brands should keep it aside and keep watering it until it grows. Another useful strategy is to advertise your next event on social media to gather the masses and make them purchase your product. Consider throwing an experiential event for your business by contacting a professional experiential event agency Dubai today!

Spread your brand reach through an experiential event!

Do you want your brand to tap new areas and attract new customers? The best you can do is throw an experiential event and let the masses interact with your products and services. Using a product before purchasing it means customers will be well-satisfied with what you offer and spread a green word about your brand. Consider contacting an expert event organizing company to help you throw a memorable event for your brand!

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