Erectile Dysfunction: Prelude to Heart Attack and Men’s Worst Fear

Erectile dysfunction can be a sign that you are prone to an attack on the heart. A common fear that is not spoken about by millions of men across the world, ED as the term is used by many is an indication of imminent heart problem. This is why it’s however advisable to discuss the health of your sexuality with your physician. He’s probably the only person who has the authority to prescribe the correct treatment to improve your sexual health overall and is the only one who can protect you from suffering a heart attack. Let me guide you the steps to take if you are one of the many who are hiding from the problem of erections not working.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to experience a penile erection, and is it is a major problem for 1/3 of men aged 40 to 70. The triggers include depression, anxiety, problems with the nervous as well as circulatory system insufficient testosterone production, and the adverse consequences of prolonged and indefinite usage of Cenforce 100. With the triggers mentioned above the circulatory system that can cause severe damage and puts Atherosclerosis as the most prominent on the list of triggers.

Atherosclerosis Explained

The disease first affects males in the penis, then the heart, and then to damage the arteries within the brain. Limbs tend to be being affect the most. Because its main symptom is erectile dysfunction, you must consider it an early indication of a cardiac arrest that is likely to occur in the next few years when one first begins to experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Patients with atherosclerosis see blood vessels that dilate too much and hence the name endothelial dysfunction. Cholesterol in bloodstreams forms plaque, which enlarges the blood vessels, narrowing down the flow of oxygenated blood. This is when the blood pressure rises. But the problem is, when the accumulation of cholesterol plaque is massive and it becomes a complete blockage of blood flow which is the cause of heart attacks.

Measures To Take Upon Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction

Plan a visit with your physician. Do not delay in expressing your concerns. Becoming embarrassed will do harm. There is a chance that your doctor is more advanced than you and is a bit older, he could be suffering from ED himself. The typical procedure for getting professional medical advice is, following a discussion with the doctor about the frequency of your condition, he’ll perform a series tests, such as taking your blood pressure and analysing on the blood chemistry results. From there, he will determine the causes of the problem.

Preventing Heart Attack

In general, doctors recommend rigorous diet, regular exercise and, if needed, prescribe medications. The first two steps are crucial to ensuring your heart is in good health and Plan A for prevents atherosclerosis. A low salt, eating a diet with low saturated fats and cholesterol monitoring, as well as a healthy calories intake go quite a ways to preventing an attack on your heart. The most advanced medical procedures are now available however why should we delay undergoing the most invasive procedures when you can begin preventing the dangers of atherosclerosis by taking a five minutes of exercise every day? Another option to keep your the health of your family is to quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes is a major cause of diabetes and ED but there isn’t a single health benefit is it bringing.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

If your doctor is satisfy that you are keeping your heart’s health in good condition will permit you to start ED treatment. A typical medication regimen includes an artificial pill that is design to block PDE5. But, as well as the positive effects there are other people who experience several unfavourable adverse effects as a result of the use of this kind of medicine with premature deaths being include in the list. This is the reason that a lot, which that’s millions of males around the world, have turned to herbal and natural male enhancements believing that herbal supplements have the least or no adverse negative effects. Some of these “Cenforce 200” supplements, which many satisfied clients refer to them as is Horny Goat It is also known as Weed, Liquorice Root, Gorgon Fruit Lily and Chinese Wolfberry.

In conclusion, the average man is prone to erectile dysfunction, particularly when he gets older. But, the main goal is to prevent atherosclerosis, whose main indication is the erectile dysfunction. When you first notice signs with sexual problems, anticipate an attack on the heart or loss of sexual function in the next 4 to five years. However, don’t be too sure about this, as some patients report experiencing it in as little as two years. Make sure you have a healthy sexual life, and you’ll be on your path to avoiding an attack on your heart.

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