Effect on Business After Using Video Marketing

Video marketing has become the need of every business these days as it helps attract the attention of a wide variety of people as they believe “what is seen is sold”.

Video marketing is the use of videos in order to promote and market a specific product or service. It helps create awareness of your products among customers and helps you reach out to them in an interactive way. It is a powerful strategy and is regarded as a significant strategy to grow and establish a business. If you think video marketing would be the best option for raising your brand awareness, you should definitely check out Youtubestorm to improve your ranking. 

Recently, many businesses have been using video marketing as a part of their marketing strategies and they have found this technique very useful. Video marketing helps attract the attention of a wide variety of people as they believe “what is seen is sold”. It helps you engage with them and reach out to them in a better way.

Video marketing has become the need of every business these days so here in this article, we are going to discuss the positive impacts businesses have received after making video marketing a part of their marketing strategies.

Revenue Growth

Video marketing has proved to generate more revenue for businesses. According to the researchers from Aberdeen Group, businesses that use video-marketing strategies are more likely to grow their revenues than the businesses which don’t. This strategy is linked with larger business growth and is easy to adopt. The wide variety of social media platforms and their use in this strategy has made it much easier for people to grow and establish their businesses. This growth in business ultimately results in more revenue generation.

Influences buying decisions of Customers

Most of the customers in the market are of the opinion that watching a video about a product helps them make buying decisions. Marketers also believe that these videos help to increase awareness of their products and enable them to reach out to people interactively. People are more likely to buy a product which they have seen before. So, a video of how your product is better, more effective, and better in quality than others can really influence customers to go and buy your product or service.

Need of the customers

People these days have become so busy that they don’t have time to read pamphlets, Ads in the newspaper, or billboards where different advertisements are available. They want something concise and which they can digest in just a few minutes or sometimes seconds. Keeping this in view people prefer video advertisements over pamphlets, emails, and other mediums of advertisements. Moreover, videos are understood by a large number of audiences who cannot read the advertisements printed on paper. Also, people are more likely to notice visuals therefore keeping in view all these aspects, video marketing is the need of today’s customers.

Build trust and Credibility

Video is the best possible way to create an image for your business, which enables you to connect with your customers and gain their trust. These videos are a representation of who you are and what you do. More than 90% of the customers say that the product videos help them a lot in the decision process. Create how-to videos to educate and create awareness amongst your customers about your products or services, the more trust you gain from them which leads to a credible image of your business. This trust then helps grow your business and earn more revenue.

Higher Search Ranking

Video can also help you improve your website’s ranking on search engine results pages which in turn brings a large number of audiences to your websites. The amount of time that a user spends on your website page can have an impact on how high your webpage appears in results on a search engine. This is commonly called dwell time, which is an important Google ranking factor.

Video has proven to be an extremely effective way to boost up this factor, as 80% of marketers believe that videos have increased dwell time on their websites because most of the time a user spends on the website comprises the time spent by watching these videos.

Consistent use of videos on your websites increases the likeliness of your website and thus attracts more people to your business. In addition to this dwell time factor, videos tend to increase traffic on your websites. Also when you embed a video on your website it nearly increases the number of linking domains up to three times. Hence you get more backlinks for your websites. Video marketing thus proves to be essential to grow your business website.

Keeping up with the Market

Video marketing enables you to keep up with the market needs and stay in the competition. Nowadays, many businesses are making use of different marketing strategies to compete with other businesses. This has laid more emphasis on the use of video marketing to reach out to customers. As this is also in demand from the customer, hence you simply cannot leave this strategy alone, if you aim to grow your business to its limits. This need of the customer and the need of the market make this strategy so valuable that it cannot simply be ignored. These video marketing strategies help you stay in the competition.


As we saw above, the benefits these Video-Marketing strategies have on your business are immense. This clearly shows the importance of Video-marketing strategies in today’s marketing world. Most businesses are shifting towards these marketing strategies due to their fruitful impacts on their businesses. These strategies are the simplest and easiest to adopt. All we need to do is create videos about our products and make them available to the audience.

Nowadays, social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube have largely increased the scope of Video-marketing, especially YouTube. YouTube has proven to be the most effective in the growth of video marketing. Posting videos about our products help users get an insight into our products and persuades them to make decisions.

With the wide variety of YouTube video editors available online we can make our videos more persuasive and interactive than before. These YouTube video editors have simplified tools necessary for video marketing. Anyone with little or no knowledge of creating impressive videos can use these YouTube video editors and create video advertisements.

All these benefits of video-marketing strategies, without any doubt, make it an essential and significant marketing strategy in today’s world.

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