Easy steps to Reset QuickBooks password

QuickBooks has taken the burden of accounting away from business owners. It successfully executes all the bookkeeping, bringing user satisfaction and growth to the business. The software generates crucial data throughout the accounting process. This data needs to be protected from threats and other unauthorised users. One of the security layers used for data protection is the QuickBooks password. You might face an undesirable situation if you lose your existing password and get locked out of your account. The password should be changed at regular time intervals for its confidentiality. If you are also looking for methods to Reset QuickBooks Password, this blog contains everything you need; read the blog till the end to know more.

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QuickBooks Password

A password is one of the many measures used for security. QuickBooks also uses passwords to keep the user data secure from unauthorised access. You are always recommended to reset your password after regular time intervals to maintain its secrecy. You may also need to reset your QuickBooks password if you misplace it or don’t remember the last set password. Some essential information you require before proceeding with the reset is-

  • The email you used to create the Admin account while setting up your QuickBooks.
  • Your QuickBooks Product License Number can be found by pressing F2 in the QuickBooks login window.

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Methods to reset

You can use the methods provided below to reset your QuickBooks. We have differentiated the steps for admin user password and regular user password.

  • Password reset for Admin user

These are the steps for QuickBooks 2019 and earlier versions-

  1. In the login window, click on the Forgot Password option below user details fields.
  2. Type your product’s License number you saw after pressing f2 in QuickBooks.
  3. You’ll be asked for other important details like Name, Email address, phone number & ZIP Code.
  4. Fill in all the details carefully.
  5. You’ll receive the verification code by email in the Customer Account Management Portal(CAMPS).
  6. Enter all the other details like Name, email address, phone number & ZIP code. After signing in to the Customer Account Management Portal (CAMPS), you can find all this information.
  7. You’ll get a verification code by an email in CAMPS.
  8. Do as per the instructions and create a new Admin Password.

These are the steps for password reset in QuickBooks 2020 and updated versions.

  1. Click on the Forgot my password option in the login window.
  2. Mention the email used while setting up this QuickBooks account.
  3. A token will be received in the email, which will be used to reset the password.
  • Password reset for a regular user

Log in with your Admin account and follow the steps given below-

  1. Click on the Company option and select Set up users and passwords from the list.
  2. Tap on Set up users and enter your Admin password if prompted.
  3. From the list of all the user accounts, select the account you want to reset the password for.
  4. Enter any new desired password for your software.
  5. Tap on Next twice and click on Finish.

Your password will be changed in your QuickBooks software.


We are near the end of this blog; we discussed the necessary information to Reset QuickBooks Password. The methods to reset it for different user types were also given, making it easy for you to change your password.

Our QB support team can be contacted by dialling 1.855.738.2784 for any assistance with QuickBooks.

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