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Do you need special shoes to jump rope?

Hmm, We’ve been asked this question at least a hundred times in the last few months within our community and our support channels.

So in the end, we set out to put together the best guide to help you choose the best jumping shoes for your jumping tour.

In this guide, we’ll explain why you need good jumping shoes, how to choose the right ones, whether they’re good for walking and discuss some of our favorite options. Read for  more information

Best Shoes For Jumping Rope

We’ll see.

Why Do You Need Good Shoes?

Choosing the right shoes is an important step in any training journey.

The shoes you choose to jump rope in can have a tremendous impact on your jump rope experience. The wrong shoes can not only make it difficult to maintain a good jumping rhythm, but it can set you up for potential injuries like shin splints.

When it comes to training and exercise, shoes should do a few things:

  • Protect your feet from injury during exercise
  • Act as good shock absorbers when your foot strikes the ground
  • Keep your feet comfortable during exercise
  • Make you look badass when you’re training

Similarly, shoes should NOT force you to change your biomechanics when exercising. In general, good shoes should enhance your skipping training experience.

They should protect your feet when jumping (both absorb shocks and pull on the rope) and should be comfortable for jumping.

How to choose the best skipping rope There is no perfect shoe for jumping on a rope. But there is the best skipping rope for you.

You need to find the shoe that is best for you and your foot. Later in this post, we will share some of the shoes used by our team as well as some of the shoes recommended by our community.

But here’s what we usually look for in good spring boots:

  • Provides good durability
  • Provides good kernel support
  • Provides good bow support
  • There is sufficient cushioning in the midsole
  • No deep grooves, high heels or platforms
  • It’s not ridiculously expensive
  • It looks stupid

These are the criteria we are looking for. Most shoes do not meet ALL standards, but it is important to try to ride as much as possible.

Now let’s take a look at some of our favorite tips.

The best shoes for jumping on a rope We divided this part into two parts. First, let’s see what shoes the Crossrope team uses. Then let’s see what the members of our rope jumping boots are talking about.

Let’s start with the Crossrope group.

Converse All-Stars


  1. The election of Srdjan Popovič. Srdj jumped into many different shoes of his time.

While currently swinging a pair of small New Balance football boots, he jumped on the Converse All Stars for a long time and still considers them his favorite.

“I like them because they are comfortable, low to the ground, look good and are relatively cheap. I can use them in other parts of my training.” If you want to see them in action, check out this REALLY old video with the Heart, which shows some slow-moving exercises on the skipping rope on its rib chucks.

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Inov-8 Megan’s choice.

Megan introduced us to the Inov-8. We hadn’t heard of her before, but the man looked blunt. They are also strong, underground and provide great support.

Here’s what Megan said:

“I’ve tried metcona and nano before and I didn’t like it very much. I love the Inov-8s because they are lightweight and feel more natural when moving with me while providing good foot and ankle support. They look even better. “

New balance sheet 1267 Dave chose.

Dave loves his New Balance kicks. Here’s what to say:

“They are the perfect balance of power and repair. They provide good toe and foot protection so flat that they do not catch the rope. Next to my favorite shoe color is neon green, so you have it.

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