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Delta Flights: What You Need to Know About Seat Selection

If you’re planning to fly on Delta Airlines, the chances are good that you’ll need to purchase a ticket in advance. Unlike other airlines – which allow you to select your seat when you check in at the airport . Delta typically requires you to make that decision when purchasing your ticket online or over the phone (although it varies by plane). Here’s what you need to know about choosing your seat on Delta airlines flights and how much it will cost.

Why do airlines charge for per-selecting Delta Flights seats?

On most airlines, you can select a seat at no extra charge before you buy your ticket. If you want to sit with a friend or get extra legroom, per-selecting is always your best bet. But on Delta flights, there’s an extra fee involved. This fee varies depending on flight time and seating selection, but it’s typically between $5 and $20 for each leg of your flight. To avoid that charge, don’t per-select until Delta Airlines check in time—Delta will take it off your bill automatically if you haven’t already paid for it online.

Do these fees depend on Delta flight duration or destination?

The fees you’ll see when booking Delta flights vary by departure time, not duration or destination. On most short and medium-length domestic flights, passengers can select their seats for free at booking; however, on longer international routes or anytime you’re flying a long flight in one day (which Delta calls a day kind of flight), you’ll have to pay a fee when selecting your seat. Passengers can pay either $10 or $25 each way depending on whether they need aisle, window or middle seats.

How much does it cost per airline, and how can I find this information?

Fortunately, seat selection comes free with every Delta airline flight. The fee structure varies per airline, but you should be able to find information on any major carrier’s website. If you can’t find it there, give them a call and ask! Most airlines charge for seat selection—some are tiered based on when you purchase or at what point your ticket changes hands; some don’t charge anything until your itinerary changes. Figure out how much each Delta airline charges, then factor that into whether it makes sense for you or not. Delta flights all have multiple seats available with regular spacing in between them (the same cannot be said of Spirit Airlines!), so consider that as well when weighing in your decision.

Can I buy a seat right before takeoff if my fare didn’t include one?

If you find out at the last minute that you need a seat on a Delta flight, your answer is no. Delta allows passengers who bought discounted tickets (like in a promotion or through an online travel site) to switch seats free of charge up until 24 hours before departure; after that, switching from an aisle seat to a window will cost $50. If you bought your ticket directly from Delta within 24 hours of takeoff and want something other than what’s already assigned to you, it’ll be $10 per person for choosing another seat. Because choosing seats can get pretty complicated depending on how many people are traveling together and where they’re sitting, make sure and check with Delta directly if you have any questions regarding switching seats. Have fun!

What are alternatives if I am traveling with young children?

Traveling with young children can be stressful. When faced with such a high-stakes experience, it’s tempting to want things to go as smoothly as possible. If you’re planning a trip with kids in tow, here are some alternate airlines you should consider. All three carriers are known for accommodating families and offering top-notch on-board amenities. They also offer special tickets, which may be worth it depending on how long your trip is and what your budget looks like. Here’s a rundown of what you need to know about seat selection for Delta flights, followed by an overview of good airline alternatives for people traveling with young children or pets.

How many seats can I select at no cost on longer flights with multiple stops?

Up until now, every passenger could select one seat for free on each leg of a Delta flight. However, that’s all changed with Delta‘s new Basic Economy pricing option. This option includes no refundable tickets and even charges passengers for Delta carry-on bags or in-flight meals. The good news is that basic economy passengers can still select their seat ahead of time. (unless they choose to purchase Delta basic economy +1), though it does cost extra—$60 for domestic flights and $70 for international flights.

Why would I want to pre-select seats when there is an option not to purchase them at all?

Purchasing a seat on a Delta flight can help you ensure that you and your family can sit together. If you purchase seats for all three members of your family. You are assured that everyone will have an assigned seat. However, if one person in your group buys his or her own ticket. They won’t be able to choose their seat until they get to the airport and check in; however, if two people in your group are purchasing their Delta airlines tickets through one account and both tickets were purchased at least twenty-four hours before departure, they’ll be able to choose their seats while still at home.

Can someone else pre-select my seats, like my travel agent or airline representative. Instead of me directly through the carrier’s website or mobile app as mentioned in your article?

For Delta flights, your family member can select your seats via their Delta SkyMiles account. Once logged in to their SkyMiles account and checking in for a flight. You can assign seats for yourself by selecting change seat assignment. When on that page, you will see a list of all family members listed. Your primary traveler’s name will be underlined. Select that name and you’ll be able to assign them with any available open seat(s). However, if there are already specific assigned seats from an earlier ticketing process. Flyer benefit that had been set up prior (and not canceled). It may mean other family members won’t have access to re-assign them via their SkyMiles account.

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