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Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

Office space must be clean and tidy at all times because a dirty office leaves a negative impression on the clients and visitors and reduces employee productivity as well. You can hire an commercial cleaning experts or get a cleaning company on board to manage your office’s cleaning chores. Whatever option you choose, it is recommended that the cleaning staff follows a checklist. This ensures that all the cleaning tasks are done properly, and nothing is left. It is very common to forget something like a particular area or task during cleaning, but if a checklist is being followed, the chances of this happening reduce a lot. Here is a daily office checklist that you can hand over to your cleaning staff to follow. Let’s have a look at it. 

Things Required

Here are some of the most important things that are required for office cleaning

  1. Universal spot and stain remover 
  2. Baking soda (For cleaning kitchen sink drains) 
  3. Bath Towels 
  4. Bucket (for carrying water used in floor mopping) 
  5. Floor Mops, Brooms, Dust containers
  6. Dishwashing liquid 
  7. Disinfectants 
  8. Tissue paper 
  9. Duster 
  10. Floor Cleaners 
  11. Glass/window cleaner 
  12. Disposable Gloves
  13. Hand washing liquids
  14. Kitchen cleaners
  15. Sponges
  16. Paper Towels 
  17. Universal toilet cleaners
  18. Garbage bags 
  19. Vinegar solution (can be used as floor cleaner or to clean kitchen countertops)
  20. Wood Polish (if the office has multiple wooden surfaces)

Checklist for Offices, Lobby, and Meeting rooms 

  1. Empty all the trash cans and replace the garbage bags from the cans present in your lobbies and offices. 
  2. Vacuum clean if there is carpet flooring at your office. Use a wet mop and detergent if you have tile flooring.
  3. Dust clean the water dispenser and change the bottle on top of it daily.
  4. Thoroughly dust all surfaces such as desks, file covers, chairs, photo frames, and furniture of all kinds.
  5. Moisten and wipe all the surfaces if coffee spills are present on them. 
  6. Remove dust from the telephones and intercoms. Wet wipe them to bring the shine back.
  7. Wipe the entrance with a damp cloth to wipe the fingerprints on the entrance glass. Thoroughly clean the separation glasses between the office cabins. 

Checklist of Kitchen and Break Rooms

Kitchens and break rooms are used the most in any office. Here’s what’s included in the checklist of office kitchen cleaning:

  1. Throw away food wrapping papers, unwanted groceries, expired food, etc.
  2. Clean the dishwasher and dishes. Properly arrange the clean ones in the racks.  
  3. Empty the garbage can and renew the garbage bags. 
  4. Remove old food from the refrigerator and disinfect the surface of the refrigerator. 
  5. Wash the coffee pot and throw away the old coffee grounds. 
  6. Clean and disinfect the surface of places where meals and preparations are made, such as tables and counters. 
  7. Clean appliances such as toasters and microwaves. 
  8. Check the water cooler to make sure you have water and a cup to drink. 

Checklist for Toilet and Restrooms 

  1. Renew important bathroom items such as towels, tissues, and hand washing liquid.
  2. Empty the trash from the trash cans and make sure it is properly disposed of. After disposing, disinfect the trash cans as well.
  3. Use dishwashing liquid and newspaper to make your bathroom mirror free of spots.  
  4. Wipe off the dust from the towel hanger.
  5. Clean and disinfect toilets from inside and outside. 
  6. Clear the dust from the ceiling lights and their covers.
  7. On weekly basis clean commercial air duct filters.
  8. Clean and disinfect all the sinks and sanitary works such as taps.
  9. Remove the dust on the mirrors and from the top of frames.  
  10. Clean the walls of the toilet and, if needed, use a disinfectant on them as well. 
  11. Wipe the toilet floor with a disinfectant and rinse it properly. 

External Cleaning Checklist 

If your office has a big exterior, it will take some time to clean. The appearance of your office contributes to the first impression on your visitors. To keep the exterior part of your office neat, you can have your cleaning staff follow the below-mentioned checklist. 

  1. Clean the leaves, branches, and debris near the sidewalks and front doors.
  2. Sweep the welcome mat often because it gets a lot of traffic and gets dirty easily. 
  3. Clean the glass doors and windows to make sure they are clean, streak-free, and shiny. 
  4. Empty the outdoor trash can to avoid bad odor and pests. 
  5. Cut off branches and bushes that get in the way of sidewalks or doorways. 
  6. Make sure there are no dangers in the parking lot, such as tree branches or snow. These can cause trouble for people who are walking inside your office building. 

Follow the checklist shared above to have a sparkling clean office every day. This will not only cast a positive impression on your visitors but will also make your employees happy. Just give your cleaning staff the checklist and have them follow it to see the amazing results you want.

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