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Clubhouse Clone : Capture the digital world by creating an audio-based social media app like Clubhouse

Despite heavy competition in the booming social media world, Clubhouse’s new Android app got a whopping 100,000 downloads in just two days after its Beta version was listed on the Google Play Store. It indicates the online platform’s growing popularity and increasing demand by the users for audio conversations.

Let us understand what is Clubhouse and how it has been very successful

It is an invite-based audio-focussed social media app available on both Android and iOS platforms now. Clubhouse is controlled and owned by Alpha Exploration Co, an American tech company in San Francisco.

It became very popular after the official launch of its iOS-only app in March 2020. Clubhouse crossed a whopping 15.1 million downloads in the first 5 months of 2021 according to data provided by Sensor Tower, a mobile marketing intelligence company.

Some of the reasons why an app like Clubhouse has been successful in the market are: the preference for audio conversations that are more private and act as a viable alternative for entertainment, revenue-generating opportunities for content creators, and the incidents of many celebrities like Drake, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Oprah Winfrey joining the online platform.

The competition has heated up now in the industry with many popular platforms like Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, and Twitter also introducing voice chat and voice calling options in their respective apps. This was done to prevent the migration of a large number of users from their online platforms to the Clubhouse app.

How does an invite-only social media app like Clubhouse function?

The user has to create an account on an app like Clubhouse by submitting details like their email address, name, and phone number. They need to possess a valid invitation from an existing user to join the invite-only social media app like Clubhouse.

They will become a member of the platform after the admin verifies their data. The users can also refer two new people to the Clubhouse clone app. The new members can discover different rooms related to Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Fitness, Standup Comedy, Technology, Sports and much more.

People can also create their Room. There are three different types of Rooms, Closed – that only invited people can become a member, Open – that anyone can join anytime, and Social – a room that is open only to the creator’s followers. The users can also comment on other people’s views and follow different Clubs.

The members can raise their hands to start a conversation. Only audios can be shared with other people and other forms of media like photos, texts, and videos are not allowed.

An online platform like Clubhouse ensures a high level of flexibility as people can enter and leave a Room anytime. Moderators are part of every Room to ensure a healthy conversation without abusive and racist content.

The biggest users of the Clubhouse like app are entrepreneurs, celebrities, journalists, venture capitalists, and other industry experts.

Audio Based Social Media App

Why must entrepreneurs choose the affordable Clubhouse clone script?

Entrepreneurs aiming to become a giant in the rapidly growing audio-based social media world can collaborate with a top-notch app development company for customized Clubhouse clone app development.

Easy-to-use Android and iOS apps along with a modern web dashboard and an advanced admin panel will be created in no time. The white-label Clubhouse clone script can be quickly launched in the target market, providing a huge competitive edge to ambitious entrepreneurs.

The readymade invite-only social media app like Clubhouse is completely flexible and highly scalable. The entrepreneur will find it budget-friendly when compared to allocating resources like finance and technology and spending several months and years to create a platform like Clubhouse with the help of mobile app developers and marketing specialists.

What is the step-by-step methodology followed for developing an App Like Clubhouse?

A consultation session is conducted – with the aspiring entrepreneur to understand the business goals and operational scope planned for Clubhouse clone app development.

A detailed study is done – about other invite only social media apps similar to Clubhouse. Their style of functioning and user retention strategies is analyzed.

The rules and guidelines related to – data protection, information security, and privacy are followed depending on the country of launch.

The prototype of the Clubhouse – like audio based social media app is created. It contains the primary features like joining different Clubs and Rooms, following topics, audio chat, and customer support.

The other required functionalities are included – in the front-end and back-end of the Clubhouse clone script. Rigorous testing will be done by knowledgeable QA testers to ensure a high level of performance, security, and speed.

A ready-to-use app like Clubhouse is launched – in the market (both Android and iOS versions). The interested users start creating their own Rooms and take part in different audio-based conversations.

Promotional campaigns are conducted – by the digital marketing team across the leading online technology forums and social media networks. The different benefits offered by the Clubhouse clone app over other platforms is shared.


There is no doubt that Clubhouse has revolutionized the entire social media world. It has single-handedly brought back the full focus towards audio-based conversations instead of multimedia content. It promotes more free speech by not restricting the sharing of thoughts and viewpoints by the users.

The future of the invite only social media app like Clubhouse will depend on how it handles the intense competition in the market, monetization strategies, and the various rewards provided to the content creators and moderators.

Hence, entrepreneurs can become a pioneer in innovative audio-based communication by partnering with a well-versed app development company for captivating Clubhouse clone app development.

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