Cat cleaning wipes vs. Baby wipes- Which to use for your pets?

Some pet owners rarely know the difference between baby wipes and cat cleaning wipes, and due to this lack of knowledge, some pet owners tend to use baby wipes on their pets, be it cats o dogs. According to recent research and some studies, cat wipes are not safe for cats. Though they are perfectly fine when used on babies, but not everything that can be used on humans can be used on pets. Therefore, if someone asks if I can use baby wipes on my cat, the short answer for it is no. They are generally not considered safe to be used on cats. If you want to know further why baby wipes are not preferable for your pets, keep on reading the blog post till the end. 

Cat cleaning wipes are not harmful

In comparison to cat cleaning wipes, baby wipes can be very harmful to pets. These wipes are loaded with various chemicals that don’t pose a threat to the babies but can be seriously harmful when used for cleaning your pets. Usually, the baby wipes that are found in the market are slightly scented. When used on your pets, these scented wipes can be unpleasant and can pose a serious threat to their health when it is ingested. And if we are being honest, there are much better ways of cleaning your cats through other ways rather than cleaning with scented wipes. 


Baby wipes cannot be used for cleaning your cat’s bottom

If you are a pet mom to kittens and you often need to clean your cat’s bottom because they get dirty while using the litter, then a baby wipe is not the best option for you. For this, you should strictly stick with wipes that are designed specifically for the bottom of your pet or for pets in general. That is because scented baby wipes loaded with chemicals can cause irritation and rashes on your pet’s bottom, causing them insufferable pain. 

Pet wipes for cats are gentle on the skin

Another reason why pet wipes should be preferred over cat wipes is that they are highly gentle on the skin. Though your fur baby has a lot of fur on its body when wipes are used for cleaning the fur, they might not pose a serious problem; however, when those same wipes are used for cleaning their bottoms, the rough texture of the skin those wipes can irritate the skin leading to redness and rashes. IVS Pets has pet wipes for both cats and dogs, which remove bacteria and odor and are not only gentle on the skin. They have made bundles of these wipes on their websites which the users can buy at extremely reasonable prices. 

Hence, concluding on the fact that if you are a new pet parent and have been using the baby wipes instead of pet wipes, then it’s high time that you shift to cat cleaning wipes. They are safe to be used on cats, and even if your cat unconsciously ingests them, it won’t do much harm to it compared to baby wipes being ingested by them. 

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