Carestream CBCT Software Review: CS 3D Imaging Software

Innovations in CBCT software have been especially impressive in recent decades. Carestream’s CS 3D Imaging software is renowned for its ease-of-use, and was designed to vastly improve both diagnostic and treatment planning abilities while also enhancing communication with patients.

Carestream’s CS 3D Imaging platform is one of the most powerful dental software platforms available to dental professionals today, especially since it was built as a viable solution for efficiently managing large 3D imaging files. On top of this, it offers an advanced set of tools for a wide range of image enhancements, optimizations and treatment planning applications.

Carestream CBCT 3D Imaging can assist dental professionals to easily capture, store, access, manage, and later share dental cone beam images. Let’s now take a closer look at the advanced features this software boasts which help CS 3D Imaging stand above its competitors.

Easy Integration
CS 3D Imaging software can be utilized as a standalone program or can be integrated with your CS 2D imaging and/or practice management software.

The 3D image viewer allows you to share captured images and collaborate with referrals all thanks to the ability to export volumes in DICOM format. A central location efficiently holds and stores all the data necessary, which permits a faster workflow and improved performance. The single Patience Database also allows dental professionals to easily navigate and access all CBCT images in one place along with patient information.

User-Friendly Interface and Customization
The CS 3D Imaging software was created in order to drastically improve ease of operation and integration. Its intuitive interface makes navigation surprisingly easy, especially since it works to reduce the number of clicks necessary to review and organize images.

Operators are capable of customizing both the look and feel of their images to improve exam efficiency and match their specific requirements.

Robust Diagnosis and Planning Tools
CS 3D Imaging Software offers a robust set of diagnostic and treatment planning tools which act to cover your practice’s needs. Here are a few clinical applications in the CS 3D Imaging platform:

●Implant Planning: Comprehensive implant library that offers > 50 international manufacturers.
●Oral Surgery: Improves your OMS surgeries’ success by making pre- and post-operative assessments and identifying variables needed.
●Orthodontics: Both analyze skeletal symmetry and plan orthogenetic surgical treatment.
●Endodontics: Boost customer reliance and trust by providing clear and detailed images that support your treatment recommendations.

The Renew Digital Difference
Renew Digital offers numerous certified pre-owned Carestream CBCT machines with CS 3D Imaging software included, along with installation and warranty. Priced at 30-50% off new list prices, Renew Digital can save you money while still supplying you with the technology you require. Their sales representatives can help you determine which product best fits the needs of your practice, so give them a call today at 888-246-5611.

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