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Can you reuse tattoo needle cartridges?

Real cartridge tattoo needles are the highest quality tattoo needle cartridges at the best price! Real Cartridge tattoo needles have the highest quality, durable, smoky clear Lexan plastic diamond tips, molded in a smoky clear case for medical purposes. True Cartridge Tattoo Needles is a more efficient needle cartridge with less stress than other needles on the market today. True Cartridge tattoo needles have a unique smooth linear stroke that ensures smooth needle flow with less tension and faster recovery, allowing the tattoo machine and needles to run smoothly. This allows the artist to achieve higher speeds with less tension. True Cartridge tattoo needles have a diameter of 0.35 mm with a standard conical, woven stacked configuration recommended for color and black-gray work. Each True Cartridge tattoo needle box contains 20 pre-sterilized needle magazines. Real Cartridge Tattoo Needles are made of the highest quality tattoo needles with a high-quality needle, which gives the artist the best possible needle with a cartridge! Read  for more information

best tattoo needle cartridges

True Cartridge tattoo needles have a rubber drive instead of a diaphragm and have a remarkably smooth linear motion. Some cartridge tattoo needles now have membranes and some rubber. Cartridge Tattoo Needle Membranes actually have more tension, so your machine will work harder and the rubber bands seem to provide a smooth flow with less tension, allowing the tattoo machine to run smoothly at low voltage with True Cartridge tattoo needles. True Cartridge tattoo needles have high-quality sealed sleeves that do not allow backflow into the tube and machine.

Styles of real cassette tattoo needles:


  • Standard liners – The perfect needle line for clean, fresh, tight, or large tattoo lines.
  • Turbo Liners – Liner needle without center needle for fast, smooth, and firm lines.
  • Bugpin Liners – For an incredibly accurate and super tight line.
  • Magnum Shaders – Duel layered woven shader needles for a smooth shade and full color.


Curved Mag Shaders – Round shader needles with curved edges for shading or coloring. Bugpin Magnum Shaders – Duel layers, begin shader needles for a very smooth shade.


We’ve seen this in the past, when the artist often tried to get more depth with the cartridge needle, or when her tube is pushed away from the machine’s clothes or her machine is a little heavy. The artist often tries to get more depth of field when lining or shading, which allows the artist to adjust the tube to a deeper setting so that more pressure is applied to the needle piston rod and also more pressure is created when the engine is actually running. . cartridge cover. This can result in the needle being pulled out, the rubber band breaking due to incorrect extension of the rubber band depth, and also pushing the needle piston into the housing too far to prevent the piston and needle. position. Try to return the tube to the correct depth so that the drive rod does not affect the needle housing and plunger too hard, which could result in a problem.


Original Cartridge tattoo needles are safe for all machines, unfortunately not all machines are the same and can fit needle patterns from different companies differently. Usually, if the cartridge covers themselves are of high quality and sealed, the membrane will not be able to prevent leakage or leakage at the rear. sometimes it is the actual area of ​​penetration that does not fit into any cartridge that is as hard as the others and allows penetration of the micrometer for liquids. Artists prefer repair systems of any rubbers or membranes. Many of the problems with backflow that an artist has been to wash their tips and attach the needle, which allows the liquid to flow back a bit, which can of course happen with ink.

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