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Can I mount electric skateboard parts with duct tape?

Can I mount electric skateboard parts with duct tape?
Can I mount electric skateboard parts with duct tape?

How to choose the best electric skateboard

If you want to choose an electric skateboard, there are a few things you need to consider and investigate. You need to decide the main reason to buy an electric skateboard. It doesn’t matter if it’s for fun, for commuting, or just for a trip from point A to point B. Then determine the minimum force based on the area you live in, or the force required by an interesting electric skateboard. In the Netherlands, everything is so flat that you don’t need a strong board, but if you want to take your skateboard to the south of Europe on your holidays, you have the additional power you need to climb over hills and mountains. Below are some tips to consider when buying an electric skateboard. Remember that you should always wear a helmet!


These are the main components of electric skateboards and we will also briefly explain why they are so important.

Battery: Recent battery refurbishments are why E-Class skateboards have become so popular and why we are writing this article. Electric skateboards have been available for years, but due to the heavy battery, they often weigh 20-30 kg. Lithium batteries have evolved over the last five years, resulting in significant weight savings and improved safety. This makes the board easier to operate and portable. In addition to a safer and lighter board, the range of batteries has been expanded. Due to the battery life of the board, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when uploading the board. Otherwise, you will later skate on a very expensive and heavy longboard.


Most electric skateboards use a wireless handheld controller that you can use while driving. The controller has a light indicator that tells you the status of the board. For example, there is a problem with the percentage of charged batteries or the board. The downside is that you still don’t know what percentage of the controller you have. 

Therefore, it is recommended to charge with the board. Another drawback of the controller is that it needs attention and recharging. We’ve already run out of batteries a few times, and then your electric skateboard was just a slow and heavy longboard (he goes on, but it’s very heavy). The Zboard and one wheel use weight and foot input, so you don’t need to bring a controller. The downside is that you don’t know how full a battery-powered electric skateboard is. If one wheel stops, you need to check the indicator and count or its app.


All boards use longboard wheels. These allow you to drive on fairly rugged terrain, but certainly not as smooth as riding a bike. Tell us more about wheel durometers or duros. The lower the number, the softer the wheel and the stronger the grip (smooth ride). The higher the number, the stiffer the wheel and the less grip it may have (a bumpy ride). The more money you have, the smoother the ride will be. The only exception is one wheel. It has one large wheel cart that can be driven on rugged terrain and dirt paths.


Not all chargers are made the same. Some charge the board with a full charge of 30 minutes or less, while others charge it here for about 3-5 hours. Each electric skateboard comes with its own charger and there are no third-party chargers available for purchase. Therefore, if you purchased Yuneec, you only have to wait at least 3 hours for it to be fully charged. I don’t have a car charger for electric skateboards (at least the one we tested) yet, but you can buy an adapter, but both we and the manufacturer recommend not to use it. ..

Why isn’t it an ordinary longboard skateboard?

Even if the price of your electric skateboard goes down as expected, why not buy a longboard that weighs about 2 kg instead of 7 kg for 50 euros? For some people, it’s all the longboards they need. However, electric skateboards have some major advantages.

Brakes: With the e-board, it’s easy to go down the hill. However, it takes a lot of skill to brake on a longboard. Also, if you are driving near people, you can use the electric board for finer control of speed and emergency braking.

Traffic Tracking: If you’re riding a bike path or street, you can use an electric skateboard to more accurately track the flow of other bikes and cars.

Choose the best electric longboard based on price

Buying the first electric keyboard is very exciting, but it will probably hurt your budget. Making a good purchase depends on your due diligence to find the best electric longboard. Even if you’re looking to buy a more affordable tagged e-skateboard, you need to look at the overall quality of your skateboard to get the most out of your purchase.

Find product warranty

Electric skateboards are often exposed to a lot of wear, especially when used regularly as a means of transportation. When used at high speeds, it can withstand several collisions and collisions along the way. The more affordable your electric skateboard is, the tenser it tends to be than the higher-priced ones.

It is in your best interests to choose a unit with a comprehensive warranty. Please read the warranty available at the time of purchase to determine the type of problem or damage covered by the warranty. No matter how high your warranty is or how affordable it is, you can get the most out of your purchase.

Range and battery capacity

If you’re planning on buying a cheaper e-skateboard, decide if it suits your needs. Maximum speed and battery life are two factors that meet your needs, especially when used in place of regular transportation. You should be able to provide enough power and speed to commute. Never compromise on an affordable electric skateboard just because it’s within your budget. It should also be able to meet your needs.

High-quality material

Look for electronic boards made of high-quality materials. There are still many affordable electric boards in the more affordable range, made of sturdy, durable, and long-lasting materials.

Always check the quality of the electrical kit included in the electronic board. This should work properly as it is the main control that tells the board to move, accelerate and stop. Poorly manufactured electrical and controlled Wi-Fi systems can cause accidents and endanger the rider.

Never compromise on performance, comfort, or safety when buying a more affordable electric skateboard. Price remains an important factor in determining a rider’s purchasing power, but should not only be considered as a decision-making point when buying an electric board.

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