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A children’s quad or pocket quad can offer your children unlimited fun. Basically, a children’s quad (also called a children’s ATV) hardly differs from an ordinary quad for adults. rc police car with lights and siren these are also available with electric and petrol engines. Only the product dimensions, the performance, and the weight differ from the quads for adults. The children’s quads are therefore the ideal introduction for your offspring into the world of motorized vehicles, whereby the children are sensitized to environmentally friendly means of transport, especially with the electric quads.

Information & frequently asked questions about the children’s quad

Quality and safety play an important role in the children’s quad. At least for you as a parent, but for the children, the quad must mainly be a lot of fun. Don’t worry, because both your requirements for an ideal children’s quad, as well as the demands of your children for an exciting adventure with the off-road vehicle in mini format are compatible! How to prepare yourself ideally for the purchase and consequently choose the best children’s quad for your offspring, you will learn in our extensive guide.

What is a children’s ATV? Differentiations and variations

Off into the terrain and off, we go over hill and dale: The tour with the quad is one of many adults’ favorite hobbies. Children also have a lot of fun in the four-wheeled vehicles. However, a quad bike for adults is still too big for younger children.

➡ The racing driver of tomorrow is therefore on the road with a special children’s quad. This is nothing more than a smaller version of the quad bike with ✅ electric motor or ✅ petrol engine.

Children’s quad, mini quad, pocket quad – what is what?

In addition to the term children’s quad, the terms mini-quad, pocket quad, and children’s ATV are often found. All of these vehicles are small quads specially adapted for children. Mini quads usually have lower power and are also suitable for very young riders from about 3 years of age. Pocket quads have a slightly higher performance. Depending on the model, children from 5 years of age (filter here by children’s quads from 5 years) can ✅ be on the road with them. The abbreviation ATV stands for “All-Terrain Vehicle”, which translates as “off-road vehicle”. Miweba children’s electric quads without this additional designation are also off-road.

Quad for children: Maximum safety with full driving pleasure

With a children’s quad, even the youngest can experience driving pleasure like the grown-ups. The saddle is based on the motorcycle, with a handlebar, the little riders control the direction. Safety is ensured ✅ by shock absorbers on the front and/or rear axles. Hydraulic disc brakes are installed so that the quad for children can also reliably come to a standstill. Some models also brake with a combination of disc and drum brakes. Children’s quads also have some other security features. For example, the engine power is significantly lower compared to a quad for adults. Nevertheless, kids can be quite fast on their quads. So that your little racing driver does not rush away from you, ✅ the speed of our children’s quads can be individually reduced.

Did you know: Since when have quad bikes❓ been around

The first quad was launched on the German market by Zweirad Union in 1962. Originally, the all-terrain “power carts”, called “Kraka” for short, were used in agriculture and forestry. After Zweirad Union dissolved, the Paun company took over the production and supplied the Bundeswehr with the four-wheeled motorcycles. Soon civilians also discovered how much fun you can have on a quad in the field. Precursors of today’s quads for private use were three-wheeled all-terrain motorcycles (ATC), which motorsport enthusiasts used mainly for rides in the Southern California desert. However, after the accidents piled up, the first manufacturers developed four-wheeled quad bikes.

Electric quad and petrol quad for children: how it works and differences

The biggest difference between children’s quad models is the drive. If you are looking for a new quad for your child, you have the choice between electric quads and quads with petrol engines.

An electric quad for children is equipped with several batteries that you can charge between trips. The individual batteries are usually between 6 and 12 volts strong. The range is about 15 to 20 kilometers, depending on the model and load. Many parents appreciate electric atquads because they are relatively ✅ quiet on the road. So the kids can also drive on their own property without disturbing the neighbors. Besides, they ✅ are easy to use. To start, simply press the electric start button. best rc car track by means of a rotary throttle grip, the kids can set the pace. Electric quads are available with a motor power of 800 or 1000 watts. The children’s miniquad Reneblade, for example, brings so much power. Depending on the model and load, they accelerate to up to 35 km/h. The children’s electric miniquad Fox XTR also drives with a powerful 1000 watt motor and allows children to easily enter quad sports. With the faster models, the speed can be throttled. This allows the young drivers to slowly approach a higher speed. A children’s electric quad ✅ causes hardly any maintenance and is practically immediately ready for use as soon as the battery is charged. In addition, the electric vehicles ✅ are very environmentally friendly because they do not consume fossil fuels.

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