Blood glucose Levels: Trucking Through the Confusion

As the trucking industry continues to lure new drivers to the vocation with promises of high pay and an exciting career, the fact remains that with a pitiful average annual salary of simply $38,000 and fourteen hour work days, a motorist could easily work thousands of hours every year and only average a rate of just over $8.00 per hour.

Combine this with the absence of proper sleep as well as sleep, poor choices in nutritious meals accessibility, coupled with the overall social abnormalities of the lifestyle, it is not surprising that expert truck driving is considered by a lot of health experts as one of the most serious jobs in America.

As the market focuses on the benefits of transferring the freight punctually, glucofort side effects [click to read] drivers are pressed to snagging high calorie, carbohydrate processed foods for a quick snack, frequently having to consume it down while still running down the road. Thanks to the fourteen hour rule, it is estimated that diabetes among truck drivers is increasing.

When one searches for a guideline to adequate blood sugar levels, various charts can be discovered with completely different ranges, leaving most in a state of confusion:

Fasting = 70-110

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