Top Reasons to Use a Bike EMI Calculator before Taking Your Two-Wheeler Loan

From being a mode of convenient commute, two-wheelers have become a necessity for Indian households, especially those located in the urban and semi-urban regions. Today, you can also find multiple two-wheelers in a single household, easing the commuting needs of everyday life. The Indian financial market has further made it easy for individuals to purchase their choice of two-wheeler with dedicated loans available instantly.

These loans provide suitable funding with flexible tenures for repayment in easy EMIs. Nevertheless, you must be cautious and plan your borrowing appropriately to ensure timely repayment without any strain on finances, bringing to picture the need for a bike EMI calculator. Let’s take a look at what the calculator brings and some of the important reasons why you should use it.

Bike Loan EMI Calculator – Understanding the Meaning

A bike EMI calculator is a dedicated financial tool lenders provide to help you assess the loan instalments and decide on your loan suitability. They are simple to use with an easy interface, and require you to provide a few essential details to compute the results. They include – 

  1. The loan amount you seek to avail.
  2. A suitable repayment tenure.
  3. The applicable rate of interest.

Based on these details the bike loan EMI calculator will calculate the EMI you would need to pay throughout the loan tenure for complete repayment of your loan liability. Once the EMI is determined, a user can plan his/her finances and accommodate the EMIs with other fixed expenses accordingly.

Reasons to Use a Bike EMI Calculator

Some of the top reasons you should use a bike loan EMI calculator are listed below.

  • Aids in complete planning of finances

One of the foremost reasons of using a bike loan EMI calculator is that it aids in complete planning of your finances through affordability assessment. For the loan amount and tenure entries required, you can change and compare the values and observe the differences in EMI amounts computed.

Here, you must note that changes in the two values would affect the EMI amount differently. For the loan amount changed, it will change the EMI amount directly, i.e., increase the EMI amount with a loan amount increase and vice versa. However, the tenure changes would impact the EMIs inversely.

You must also take care that these values also change the interest liability payable by the tenure’s end and determine your overall affordability accordingly.

  • Easy to use with quick results

The EMI calculator comes with a simple interface that is pretty easy to use and also computes the results almost instantly after you enter the values. It does so with the help of a preset formula, ensuring minimum time requirement.

  • Computes accurately

Calculation with the help of a preset formula also eliminates any chances of errors, and makes the result accurate. You would thus not need to worry about lengthy manual computations carrying a chance of error.

  • Helps compare different loan options

You can also make a quick comparison among different lenders and your EMI payable requirement with the help of this calculator. It would thus help you to choose the most affordable loan option.

Visit the calculator page with pre-assessed loan amount and tenure in mind for quick and easy computation of your loan instalments.

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