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Best Super Heros Pictures Ever

I just finished watching Thor on Blu-ray and I really enjoyed it. Who would have ever allowed a live action thriller to be made? Especially if you’ve ever seen Thor in one of the unimaginable Gock Television pictures. The idea of a green lantern is great, but I now allow a film to be made. So while I’m here for the live-action interpretation of Legion of Super-Heroes. If you want free online movies visit this links

I allowed myself to emphasize that I think superhero images have the best flex in the growing kidney. I’ve limited myself to Live Action Flex although some animated things are really good. I think combining amped flux with live action flex would be deceptive. I have also limited the number of “stylish” flexes to 10, otherwise I plan to return to the swamp. Then i go

10. The Rocker (1991)

No movie with Jennifer Conley can be bad unless it is Gawk. Rocketeer innocently captures the form and spirit of Dave Stevens’ humorous book. Superheroes and Nazis always go hand in hand, like peanuts and jelly.

9. The Unimaginable Gak (2008)

Don’t get me wrong with “Gawk” as mentioned, this 2008 soft boot from Gawk Belt is really cool. While there is no effect, the film moves on without emptying anything from the previous film. The film explores Bruce Banner’s delicate psychology. Bill Bucksby shows off the stylishness of the TV series and there are scenes of incomprehensible (no pin intended) fight with the disgusting. Also, the love story with daughter Ross has been kept to a minimum. What more could anyone ask for in a superhero movies? The only thing I could think of was a wolverine gem.

8. Blade (1998)

I didn’t know much about blades when I saw this movie. I still don’t know much about the character of Blade’s funny book but Blade’s movie Super Idol is great. Martial trade, brands and vultures. So cool down its awful.

7. Batman (1966)

It’s definitely Sisi; Adam West is definitely a bit of a puppy. Of course, Cesar Romero will not shave his mustache, but this movie is just charming. Has anyone ever been a better penguin or rudder than Bridges Meredith and Frank Gorshen have played independently? In this case, Lee Meriwether is behind # 2 Julie Neumar and Michelle Pfeiffer on the list of stylish cat women. In this movie we definitely see the classic Bat Mobile but also the Bat Copter, Bat Bike and Bat Boat. We also learn that Batman has anti-shark protection in his mileage belt. The film will only list the top ten for the scene in which Batman is running around the pier with lemons in his hands.

6. Superman II (1980)

Fifteen Tinkles from this movie is probably the top super idol movie ever. The battle between Superman vs. General Zod, Irsa, and the Non-Metropolis continues today. I wish Richard Donner was allowed to finish the film. We would have escaped most of the camp that Richard Lester had included (this is a bad camp, unlike the good camp in the Batman movie). Selfin “S” Teleporting the Cryptonians in the castle of loneliness and changing minds at the end of the movie “Super Kiss” (as if Superman didn’t have as many options as before that someone allowed him to add more). Forced movie from my top five.

5. Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Just a good movie. Peter Parker can no longer embrace the essential original story and fight crime as Spider-Man. The scene with the passengers on the train protecting Spider-Man makes me a little overwhelmed outside. As much as I liked it, I really disliked the Green Goblin dress. That movie.

4. Iron Man (2008)

Robert Downey Jr. Playing an intoxicating accent – an absorbed accent – a destructive person with a substance abuse problem. Great casting. In one film, Iron Man went from B-List Idol to a comic book that Geek had never heard of as a true art icon and was featured prominently on every Marvel Sprat toy, right next to Spider-Man.

Was This is the case for all these pictures (see Green Lantern Over). Not only did Iron Man complete it, but it’s a really good movie. The only debate in the entire film is the final scene of the fight between Iron Man and Ebadia Stan. I feel like an idol has to fight a big fight, the worst self has been interpreted to death.

For example, this was done at the same time in Marvel’s second film, The Inconceivable Gawk. Finally, I allowed the movie to be more interesting when it focused on Tony Stark instead of Iron Man. It’s made for a good movie but I’m not sure if it’s a good thing for a “super idol” movie so Iron Man makes it to # 4 on my list.

3. The Dark Knight (2008)

This movie made millions of bones. Heath Ledger was brilliant as a joker. This is a wonderful movie. It’s just that long (21/2 hours) and Christian overload is screaming throughout the movie. I’ve always thought of Batman as cool as Clint Eastwood. Any complaints I have about this movie are still easily dispelled by Batman and Robin flashbacks.

2. Captain America (2011)

What did I say about super icons and the Nazis before? Well, this is especially true when the super idol is dressed in the American flag. The Nazis have no chance. I loved everything about this movie. Chris Evans was certainly satisfied as Captain America and Steve Rogers. Of course, the red skull did not feel rude. All this and Cosmic Cell, I loved this movie. Captain America The First Avenger is a great movie and my # 2 spot is a good one. There is only one movie that can beat it.

1. Superman (1978)

this is it. The grandfather of them all. It may not be the first superhero movie but it is definitely the first movie you think about when you think of a super idol movie. Where Chris Evans was recruiting Steve Rogers / Captain America, Christopher Reeves is IS Superman and at the same time he does the final portrayal of Clark Kent. Others have played before and after the review, but no one has worn the cape with much confidence. Christopher Reeve really convinced me that if a man could fly, he would be.

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