What ayurvedic remedies are popular to overcome the problem of dandruff?

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What are ayurvedic remedies helpful against dandruff?

Dandruff occurs when the hair scalp is more oily and causes allergic reactions from cosmetic products such as shampoo, oil, conditioner, and other hair creams. There are popular remedies that efficiently work against the problem of dandruff. These are:


The neem tree is readily available. It has some round-shaped seeds and a green leaf with several antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is more powerful to deal with all kinds of infectious ailments such as pimples, blood purification, etc. To form this remedy, masses should take the green leaves of the neem tree and mix them in the grinder. It turns into a paste, then apply it to the hair roots and wash the hair after two hours of use. Repeat it for a week. Neem is readily available at homes in India.

Aloe Vera:

It is usually available in people’s homes, and due to its antibacterial properties, it removes dandruff from the scalp and confers calmness and smoothness to the head. Take aloe vera gel and apply it in your roots of hair, and leave it for 12 hours. After that, wash your head and get unbelievable results.

Methi seeds:

These are readily available at home and are commonly used in different pickles to add flavor. This is also famous as fenugreek seeds that nourish the scalp and allows dandruff-free scalp. First, people soak these seeds in the water and leave them overnight to make this remedy. Then, grind and produce a paste. Add some lemon and yogurt to this paste and use it in the roots of the hair. Wash your head after half an hour of applying and get instantly rid of the dead skin in your head.

Lemon juice:

Lemon includes a tremendous amount of vitamin C, zinc, and citric acid that removes the problem of dandruff and provides smooth and silky hair after using its paste. To make the paste, squeeze the lemon and add some olive oil and ginger juice; massage your scalp with this paste for a few minutes, and leave it for half an hour. It will eliminate your dandruff. After washing, apply any oil to avoid itching due to its sore properties.

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